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19 Year Old Looking for Answers

Hello Medhelp community, I'm a 19 year old 6'4 African American male suffering from unknown symptoms. I'll be clear on everything I've come across to try my best to for people to understand me my describing my habits and recent events that have led up to today.

I have been suffering from shortness of breathe for almost two months now with congestion of both nostrils being completely sealed off majority of my days for 3 months. It started with my nose congestion before all the pain came in. Before I start with my symptoms I want to clarify some of my habits. I've clean up on the bad ones due to my symptoms becoming more severe the for almost 1 month now. I've been a daily marijuana smoker for 3-4 years out of tobacco wraps. Also I've been smoking to release stress and anxiety which also affected my sleep pattern with me not going to sleep for the past year until 3-6am. Waking up around 12-3pm. Starting with constant nasal congestion my symptoms got worst the month before last when I felt I couldn't breathe properly. My symptoms worsen when I lay down as well to the point where I can't sleep or I wake up in the middle of the night grasping for air having to stay up and not go back to sleep. It seems every time I inhale it brings a burning sharp pain to my chest as if I'm not allowed to breathe in deeply but then I'll breathe deeply immediately right after and the pain won't be as severe if not there at all. It's a random pattern. My breathing problems are accompanied by abdomen pain as well as chest pain. Sometimes I question if it's all coming from my spine as the pain spreads throughout the mid-section. Until around 23 days ago I quit smoking marijuana completely due to the fact I'm not sure if I had a panic attack or heart attack. It was a nice hot windy day and I decided to have a smoking session. When I get back into the house it all goes down from there. Suddenly my chest feels as if it's being tighten to an extreme and I'm feeling as if I cannot get air at all as if I cannot breathe inside my house. Along with that, I was constantly shaking and trembling and it was so hard for me to speak or say anything let alone stand without feeling I was going to fall. I immediately go to the doctor right after with him doing blood test and checking my heart beat with him sending me for a chest x ray as well. From that day I completely stop smokig and get a call from him three days later saying my blood work came back normal along with the x rays. This had me at ease assuming I had a panic attack and I need to immediately stop my habits. My family members don't smoke or suffer from any major heart or health conditions. About a week ago I decided to go to the doctor again at night to the emergency room for shortness of breathe and sharp back and chest pains. I'm not sure if the pain is coming from my heart of lung at this point. The doctor does a ECG and says everything's normal and I shouldn't worry about cancer and what not as these symptoms don't hide themselves with me recently taking blood tests. She brushed it off as anxiety with depression which I do have with maybe acid reflux but I know something's wrong with me. Until this day my symptoms are getting worst with me questioning if I'll see tomorrow. A few days ago until today my pins and points specifically my right foot muscle keeps tingling and twitching.my elbow as well does the muscle spasms from time to time as well. Also I went from 185-181 in one week with my arms looking visibility skinner. My main concerns at this point are the constant tinglings in my right foot and elbow, shortness of breathe with sharp pain when I inhale with chest and abdomen pain, and the wheezing I'm hearing coming from my chest which sounds like a crackling of fire but you'd have to listen very closely. Also a few times this month I've seen blood in my bowels/poop twice but that's it. Also I sneeze heavy and most of the time blood mixed with boogies come out. 8/10 times maybe. My theories are as the following

I'm diabetic?
Heart failure stages and the day I quit smoking that was really a heart attack?
Peripheral neuropathy For my constant tingling in foot and elbow?
Early symptoms of an heart attack?
Adult asthma?
Cancer? Main concern

Or maybe anxiety has completely taken over and I'm imagining all these symptoms?

Also I'm not fatigued as I do cardio daily, I'm not coughing a lot at all, I'm not sensitive to pain but also I forgot to mention until recently I've been living with mice since I live in New York maybe about the last couple of years or so. They live in the central air which hot or cold air blows out and I'm assuming breathing in their follicles,dust and what not can be deadly but my family has been completely normal and healthy as it's only me suffering like this.

I'm open to any possible ideas and looking for all feedback as I'm desperately worried.

Thank you so much for your time
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Hello~It seems to me that you have multiple environmental allergies accompanied by high stress/anxiety. I would see a doctor that specializes in allergies and also a good, chiropractor. Oddly enough, when we have misplace vertebrae in certain areas, this can affect our health big time, you could very well have misplaced vertebrae in the area of your spine that controls your adrenal glands, if this is the case, no drug in the world will help until you get it fixed. The chiropractor will take some x-rays to determine the areas that need attention. After some adjustments, you should start to feel much better.
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