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2 Red Spots on Head of Penis

I just want to get straight to the point because I am a worrier. Firstly I have never had sex yet. About four days ago I noticed a very small spot on the head of my penis that was not red at the time and was so small I found it by feeling it. Then I felt another at the same time right next to each other. They felt like slightly rough spots on the skin kinda felt like loose skin also like when a unpopped blister goes down the skin is loose. But of course very small. One was circle and the other sort of like a straight line. The next day they had gotten slightly bigger and started to get there red tint. They don't itch or puss or anything. Now today they are yet slightly bigger and are red and now I have no problem seeing them. They are right at the start of the head after the shaft and they are right next to each other. As I said I am a worrier and a pessimist so please get back to me anything would help.
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Thanks for the help thus far, this morning I could barely see them but by noon the spot on the lft became 2 very small white spots that looked like dead skin and the one on the right just increased in size again. I haven't been bothering them and if possible I will try to get some pictures up. Any new possibilities please let me know.
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If you have not had sex yet, then you are safe as it is from STDs. The red spots are in all probability Fordyce spots. These are dilated blood vessels covered with skin and can heal on their own. The other possibility is pearly white papules. These are harmless swellings and disappear on their own. The third possibility is blocked sebaceous glands. These too often open up on their own.
I would suggest you refrain from touching them and watch then for another week or so. In all probability they will disappear on their own in 10-15 days. If not then consult a doctor. Blocked sebaceous glands and Fordyce spots at times require treatment.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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