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20 years of undiagnosed skin rashes

My wife suffers from a severe condition since she was a little child. Skin rashes that come and go, on her arm, legs, face, all over her body. They are red, ich a lot and and the skin peels off like it was dust.

We have spent all the money possible (and impossible) to figure this out. We've been to all sorts of doctors, who have suggested many different causes such as food allergies (lactose, gluten, fruits and the list goes on...), psychological problems, stress, fungus... she's taken hundreds and hundreds of different medications, creams, diets, and even some crazy things like sleeping wraped in bleach soaked towels (!!).

We have been together for 5 years, but she has been trying to solve it all her life. She is starting to lose hope, for she doesn't feel like traveling, going to work, or doing everyday things because of the pain and itch.

If no doctor in Brazil can figure this out, maybe around the world. Please help us, if you can.
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It may well be that your wife suffers from eczema.  It is not a pleasant disease to tolerate.  The itch can become quite intense...I know I have it on my hands, and they crack/bleed/itch/peel. There are many different steroid creams that can be prescribed to her, BUT she MUST use them exactly as instructed.  

Also oral Prednisone will help alleviate the rash and itch typically, however, that is one drug that people just cannot stay on for long periods as it weakens their immune system and can create other problems.  A burst dose of it, perhaps a week long, will help it to go away, but if it is indeed eczema, it will return.  My dermatologist told me to use Topicort cream 6 times per day.  As an RN, that was almost impossible, due to the number of times I must wash my hands.

The oral medication as well as the topical medication will help it to go away.  Eucerin lotion is a good moisturizing lotion to use to help keep the skin supple and not dried out.  It does leave the skin greasy so don't overdo it.  

Good Luck!
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I read an article about a woman who bathe in bleach in an attempt to cure eczema and burned 90 plus percent of her skin. It was horrible! I do hope that someone more knowledgeable than I would be able to read your post. Just don't lose hope as help will eventually comes along.
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