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22 year old male: IBS/Urinary Problems/Sexual Dysfunction

Otherwise healthy young male who exercises very regularly and eats a reasonable diet. Any help is really appreciated.

-2 years: IBS symptoms
Perpetual stomach discomfort and rumbling, accompanied with perpetual urge to have bowel movement
Poorly digested, mal-formed sticky stools and diarrhoea
ADDITIONALLY: fatigue, lack of concentration (onset at approximately same time)

- 6 months: Erection difficulties (worsening over time)
Noticed it was substantially more difficult to achieve and maintain an erection
ALMOST NEVER get spontaneous or morning erections
Also: distinct, subtle feeling in testicles that I never had noticed before. Extremely noticeable when masturbating. *feels as if the testicles are pulling down the erection - it is painful as though testicles are being squeezed*
Cold, wet scrotum area (not from sweating)

3 months: Post-void dribbling
Noticed drops of urine on underwear after finishing up
Never had experienced before

1 month: Could not empty bladder
Perpetual urge to urinate
Would go to washroom, and never feel relieved
At one point lost control of urinary void
Didn’t have to go overnight

1 month: Increased frequency and urgency of urination
Going to the washroom far more often than usual
Waking up  1-2 times at night to go (never did before)
Distinct, mild feeling at tip of penis that indicates I need to go (perpetual)
Have about 90% control over accidental urinary incontinence (as opposed to 100% all my life)
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SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) more likely. Get an evaluation by a gastroenterologist to see if they will start you on Xifaxan.

Dude, I've been through the same thing so I get it. Treatment for IBS-D and SIBO is Xifaxan (antibiotic)
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