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23 years old but already have so many diseases!

I'm a female.23 years old.
it's been 3 years that i have chronic cough.it's a cough that i have everyday it was severe when it started in the first year but now after 3 years it's mild.
alongside this cough problem i have these problems as well:
-Burping a lot
-Bloating (esp some nights my stomach bloats so much that i look like a pregnant woman)
-bad taste in the mouth in the morning
-every morning i feel like there is something in my throat and i have to spit it out so it seems all i do is clearing my throat every morning and it's really annoying
- i have minor nose problems,sometimes it blocks with no reason
(I live in a tropical country and mostly i don't catch a cold)

I've been to so many doctors. i did
-Chest X-ray
-GERD medicine therapy

But all of my doctors say that i 'm alright, but i'm not.

Recently i experience some symptoms near to diabetes symptoms like
-dry mouth
-excessive thirst
-frequent urination
-excessive hunger
-Dry skin (hands, feet)

for your information through the years i always had the frequent urination and excessive thirst and i did a glucose test for diabetes but they said i'm not diabetic (5 months ago).but i think i should do the test again.
in our family we don't have any diabetic history but from my mother side we have breast cancer (my mom's 3 aunts died of breast cancer).

I know it's complex but i don't know what to do? Help me.
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i am not a doctor but i had similar symptoms a while back and was told i had endometriosis, which can cause many different symptoms
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I have all the symptoms you have and many more.
I was told I have severe acid reflux. They did a endoscope and found nothing wrong.
Told me to take acid reflux medication and it made things worse.
It was discovered by my endocrinologist that I had reactive hypoglycemia, poss. low thyroid and poss. insulin resistance.
My condition worsened and I am now seeing a lyme specialist for lyme disease. I have been on I.V antibiotics for a little over a month and oral antibiotics for about 5 months. I am not saying you have lyme disease but something is causing your body to ho haywire.

Do you see an endocrinologist for the blood sugar testing?
I would see a specialist not a general practitioner.
I would also have a glucose tolerance test with insulin draw every hour and have your thyroid levels checked.
If the thyroid is low it can slow down your digestion causing symptoms of acid reflux disorder. Low thyroid can also make it feel like you have a lump in your throat, pain in the frontal area of the neck and can cause you to cough.
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