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6 years of right-sided pain

33 year old male. Looking for some answers; I'm miserable!

About 6 years ago, started feeling pain in my LRQ abdomen/upper groin (inguinal) area. Not a hernia! Confirmed by CT. However, that did show some slightly enlarged lymph nodes in my lower right abdominal area. Then my right testicle started to feel sore. Then started getting pain down the back of my right hamstring. This has come & gone over the past 6 years, but it's mostly here - and becoming more frequent. My LRQ abdomen has some sore glands with seem to be in the subcutaneous tissue. I have "random" sore/tender spots along my spine, but it only hurts when I touch the vertebrae on their right side. I.e., if I touch the left side of the vertebrae, I don't feel any pain/tenderness. I also tend to have soreness/pain in my right trapezius and shoulder blade area.

Potential causes:
1) alcohol - which makes me feel unwell for several days, including in the liver region. Ultrasound showed mild fatty liver 2 years ago, so I've drastically cut back on alcohol. But now it seems I feel unwell (like liver tenderness) SOMETIMES after consuming alcohol, but not always.
2) masturbation - I get bored and sometimes would do it up to 6 times a day. Wondering if somehow the motion of my right arm/shoulder in this process has somehow done somethign to the muscles on my right side/caused right sided nerve damage/impingement that leads to this right-sided pain. Or, maybe it's somehow causing inflammation?
3) I chewed on plastic for YEARS as a kid/teen/young adult....I'm OCD, and this must have been a release. It terrifies me to think of all of those chemicals I took in. Maybe this has somehow completely messed up my liver.

I've had a CT of the abdomen/groin, lumbar spine (showed some mild disc degeneration), ultrasound of liver (mild fatty liver), ultrasound of the testicle, and nothing remarkable.
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I would stop Alcohol it sure is not helping you
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You don't say what kind of exercise if any you do.  You don't say if you sit around all day with poor posture.  You don't say if you work at a desk and look at a computer all day with poor posture.  Any of these could cause a problem and are much more likely than the awful things you're talking about.  You could also have a problem with your periformis muscle or other part of the hip, and it could still be a lower back problem but if it was you'd notice, you'd have pain in your lower back.  All of these can cause pinched nerves that travel down through your groin and into your hamstring.  Certain kinds of weight lifting can cause it.  I don't think it's the masturbation or the drinking or the chewing on plastic, although of course they can cause other problems for you.  I also don't get why you're pressing on your vertebrae.  Not really how it works unless you think you broke your back, and of course you haven't.  We all have tender spots.  Don't know what it is, can only give some possibilities.  Peace.
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Thanks! I was overweight (5 ft. 11 in, 215 lbs) 2 years ago, but now down to 175 lb. I don't eat the best food in the world, but it's improved a lot over the past two years. I exercise regularly, but not heavy weight lifting. I press on my vertebrae to see if there are any sore spots corresponding with nerves that serve certain parts of the body, since my pain is localized to several areas. Wondering if pain around several non-contiguous vertebrae are linked to the pains im having elsewhere.

I've had a lot of spurts of general malaise, feeling like I have a low-grade fever (thoguh I don't) over the past 5 years - so that's really what leads me to think that there's some underlying, nasty cause like a growing cancer.
Further - it's the soreness in specific glands that really causes me to believe that it's not something as simple as poor posture. '

Here's a "map" of my  painful areas. In front', it's almost like there's a string of pain connecting my right testicle, up to my liver area.

I doubt you or anyone else who isn't medically trained can accurately find their nerves or their glands.  
Right, but if I have soreness on L4 vertebrae, for example, then I know that corresponds to a nerve that serves a certain area of the body.
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