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9 months and counting

I am a 32 yr old male.... very active and no previous medical issues.  Nine months ago, I felt as though i was having a heart attack (chest pain, shortness of breath, arm pain/fatique)  I have since had numerous MRI's, CAT scans and blood work, urine tests, I even had an angiogram.  Nothing seems to be showing up in the tests.  I am now having trouble with blood pressure.  At rest it will spike to crazy numbers a little while later it will be abnormally low.  I am trying medications to try and aid in the symptoms but have had no luck finding the problem.,.I also have extreme weakness in my arms when i do anything physical with them.   I have seen cardiologists, endocrinalogist and my own doctor.  I am hoping some ideas can be brought forward as we are all at our wits end trying to figure out what is going on.  I had a 24 hr blood pressure test and it shows exactly what I have been saying and yet, still no answers.  has anyone else had these symptyoms?
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What you have is not a high BP but a fluctuating BP which is of two types: fluctuations on higher side and the other is fluctuations on the lower side. You have the former condition. Fluctuations of BP on a higher side are mainly due to hormonal imbalance, kidney or heart problems. BP can also go to higher side after a physical activity like climbing stairs, running etc and this comes back to normal after rest. It can also be to due to anxiety and stress. Hence careful tests like kidney function test, stress test or treadmill test, ECHO, EKG, BP monitoring, and complete hormonal profile needs to be done.
I understand most of these test have been done. If all mentioned conditions are ruled out, including low testosterone, then I suggest you take up yoga to overcome stress and anxiety which could be the cause.
Take care!
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all of the above tests were aleardy completed, they have said that these symptoms may have been brought on by stress but after this long and all meds they have tried that it is definately not stress or anxiety... what else could it be?
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