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95.4 temp

My 3 yr old daughter was sick with a stomach virus last weekend. I woke up this morning not feeling well. I took my temp after i showered and got ready for work. It was 95.4. I am still not feeling well, I am cold my stomach hurts real bad. I just took my temp again and it is now 96.7. I am not sure what to do.
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That's actually around the normal temperature. The normal temperature 98.6 and can be as much as 3 degress below that.
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sounds like you have the same lovely virus your 3 year old had. The same one sent my 7 yr old grand-daughter home from school, school nurse told me with this particular one the body temps are low, not high-around 95 degrees or so, hers was 95.2.  She was ill for several days, and her temp stayed low for most of it.  good luck, and get well soon.
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There's a possibility that your low temperature (indicative of low thyroid function, leptin resistance and/or adrenal fatigue) got "trumped" by the onset
of fever because the viral infection you got from your daughter.

For viral infections, there's very little you can do, other than rest, fluids, etc.
Once a virus replicates, drugs are useless and unfortunately, by the time you experience significant symptoms, it is probably too late.
You just may have to let the infection run its course, however, should your symptoms persist or worsen, consider to visit your doctor, in the event tha t there's something else going on.

Please consider to look into low thyroid function, leptin resistance and adrenal fatigue.

Your doctor may not be able to help you this. Most doctors know very little
about leptin, do not accept adrenal fatigue as an established condition till it
becomes an adrenal crisis and go by flawed testing for thyroid, which does not diagnose thyroid resistance (type 2).
Your best option is to see a Functional Medicine Doctor, who has training in this.

I hope this helps, however, please note that my comments and suggestions do not constitute medical advice.

Best wishes,

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