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A bunch of "low" blood results

In general, I feel happy and well. I am 23 and a male. 6'2 and 170 with 13% bf. I exercise moderately and effectively. I don't get sick too often and life is good. I used to eat really well and have been sleeping pretty well. However, I have some symptoms I don't like. I feel a loss of motivation, foggy head, loss of sex drive and chronic diarrhea all for a year. Sometimes I don't feel hunger, some nausea - I just end up feeling pain and know I need to eat. But I always try to eat a lot! I also am recovering from panic attacks that used to last for days, mostly after drinking. They started a year ago and lasted until 4 months ago. I've mostly cut out drinking since, and am at about once a month now.

I also had blood work done and I have
-Low cholesterol (LDL 66, VLDL 7, and Triglycerides 36)
-Low Testosterone (53 pg/dl) - I'm guessing it's free T but the test doesn't specify
-Low body temperature (97.5ish, I am usually cold and sometimes shake uncontrollably when others are not)

Everything else is really normal. I had a blood test about 5 years ago and my LDL was the same, VLDL 13, Triglycerides 66. When I was having the panic attacks I ate a pretty clean diet with little sugars but plenty good fats, good carbs, protein, vegetables daily. Now, since my last blood results, I eat sugar and butter every day and feel somewhat better but it is not curing my symptoms. I would rather not do this sugar and butter thing anyway. I have literally searched everywhere and been to the docs about 5 or 6 times for this stuff. Every doc I see says that I should be happy with my cholesterol but they have not seen the testosterone results yet. I need an answer!!!!
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A low testosterone level can indeed cause some of the symptoms you're describing.

Another consideration would be a low thyroid level, and that should be checked, along with a blood count.

Treating the low testosterone level should be discussed with your personal physician.

Regarding the chronic diarrhea, a colonoscopy can be done to exclude inflammatory bowel disease, and blood tests done to exclude celiac disease.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.

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Also, I don't take medication for ANYTHING. I used to take the occasional vitamin or herb and Fish Oil daily for a few months while this was all going on. It may have made it worse, but I don't think it was the cause.
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Well, I know that it could be low testosterone or thyroid causing my symptoms. I am more looking for an answer to the low cholesterol and triglycerides. I mean, I eat well but I'm no saint. Plus in both of those time periods I was drinking heavily. I know it's not good to have low numbers, can a doctor with experience in this area help me out? WHY!
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