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hi i have had more them three blood test it keep coming back positive my ANA and PATTERN  keep coming back POSITIVE i don'r understand what is happening to me the homogeneous is (1:80 h) first my Dr. told me i have lupus and sand for more blood work then he tell me NO it's not lupus it's only BOARDER LINE LUPUS  what does that mean  I feel sick all the time with a light rash on face/mouth sore/joint pains/ im loss my hair/  i have been taking hydroxchloreq 200 mg and now Dr. stop the pills but i still feel sick all the time what is going on with me
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It does sound like lupus symptoms. The ANA is borderline positive. It may not be high enough for the doctor to call you positive for Lupus. But did they biopsy your face rash? You may have discoid lupus or systemic. Did they do a RA test and anti DNA? You can ask the doctor about those too. They usually are all positive for Lupus. The homogeneous pattern is typical of Lupus too but other things can cause a positive ANA. If your doctor is not a specialist in Lupus I would get a good rheumatologist this is. The diagnosis isn't always straightforward according to my best friend who has both discoid and systemic lupus. She is in remission. They found hers by a biopsy of the sking and not the blood tests. Also a good dermatologist that has seen the rash of lupus can help distinguish it too. Did the plaqenil (hydroxychloroquine) help your symtoms?
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I just read this and thought it might help. The Anti-DNA test is more helpful and (the biopsy). But since yours is really low you need to investigate more.

The presence of ANA in the blood may be due to:
•Chronic liver disease
•Collagen vascular disease
•Drug-induced lupus erythematosus
•Myositis (inflammatory muscle disease)
•Rheumatoid arthritis
•Sjogren syndrome
•Systemic lupus erythematosus

Increased ANA levels may sometimes be seen in people with:
•Systemic sclerosis (scleroderma)
•Thyroid disease
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