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Ab Pain

I am 22 years old and just a year ago I got my gallbladder taken out because I was experiencing upper right quad. pain that would sometimes radiate over to my left side. After a year of getting my gallbladder out the pain is still present. For the past year I have had dull pain in the upper right quad and just ignored it to be side effects from getting my gallbladder out. But as of last night I have been getting waves of moderate-severe pain in my upper right quad. When I push on the pain it sends a shocking wave of pain up the the left middle chest. I called my doctor and he told me it could be from working out but I work out all the time and I know the difference between sore muscles and pain in my organs. Does anyone have any idea on what this might be and if I should be going to the ER?
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cont. of the post from above: I have also been to many doctor and ER visits but they aren't finding anything. So is something to be worried about?
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Liver infection, stone in pancreatic duct, pancreatitis, duodenal ulcer and acidity are a few causes that need to be ruled out. If all these causes are ruled out, then it could be due to adhesions and this can only be diagnosed by laparotomy.
Since a confirmed diagnosis cannot be given on net please discuss with your doctor once. Hope this helps. Take care!

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If it is a gallbladder issue indeed then there are still things that you need to do even though you no longer have a gallbladder... one would be to completely change your diet. you really now have the inability to process high fatty foods so stay away from beef and other high fatty meats and substances, even more than 10 or so nuts. you should eat as healthy as possible making sure that leafy greens are a priority in your diet... especially brussel sprouts and beets are good as well. my mom has gallbladder issues and refuses to have hers removed but has to be very health conscious about the choices that she makes. she does cleansing diets by making her own soups with squash and vegetables to give her body a break from over processed and high fatty foods found everywhere. If your pain becomes unbearable just go to the E.R. but if you can handle it i would try to eat better , damn near perfect, for a month and see if that improves the pain. i know a few friends that have had their gallbladders removed and they still get attacks when they misbehave
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