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Abdominal & chest pain, neck pulsations after eating, acquired food intolerances.

Summary of symptoms:
Triggered after eating(sometimes only, unknown what exact cause is, time window is 30-minutes to 2 hours after a meal)
Initial symptoms are fever-like, I get an increase in heart rate, sometimes palpitations if very severe, sweating and increased temp.
Will have very tight feeling chest pain initially and sometimes short bout of convulsive movements I can feel in my gut, chest pain is very diminished after initial fever but persists for days after.
Get very strong pulsations in neck, both carotid and jugular, jugular is swollen and painful, carotid has very visible pulsations, the neck pain/pulsations are the most persistent symptoms after getting a fever.
With initial fever symptoms I get gas that I have for some days after, I feel like my breath smells weird for one or two days.
The day after a fever I need to drink loads of water and pee really often.
Seem to be intolerant to some foods, most noticeable so far is a total intolerance to avocado(causes severe symptoms when I had no previous issues)

Summary of tests I have had done:
General Blood Tests - All normal, one earlier test showed increased liver functioning
Blood Pressure Tests - All normal
Mutliple ECGS - All normal
Chest X-ray - All normal
Colonoscopy/Endoscopy - All normal
Coeliac/Gluten Allergy Test - Inconclusive(Should be irrelevant, I avoid gluten/dairy after I figured out doing so cleared up my acne)

I'm 22 and I've have had symptoms for approx. 6 months now and still no diagnosis. It started 6 months ago when I was trying out a keto diet, after one particularly large meal one day I suddenly had what seemed like an intense fever, my heart rate got very high and I had a lot of chest pain, I haven't been the same since but what's unusual is my symptoms have continued since reverting to a normal diet. After that day I would have a lot of difficulty eating food regardless of what it is as I would often have discomfort after eating and get fever like symptoms again, I lost a large amount of weight.

I had been to the doctor and they couldn't figure me out, my blood sugar and blood pressure were normal, blood tests were normal. My overall symptoms have been slowly improving but have never completely disappeared. Before I could eat any food I want but now I have intolerances to certain foods. I've never been able to pin down exactly what triggers my symptoms but there seems to be a bit of an accumulation to high-fat foods, avocados are like poison to me as I will have severe symptoms about 30 minutes after eating some even though I previously had no issues with them. I get palpitations, pain in stomach/chest area and swollen neck veins with highly visible pulsations, I also get some gas and noticeable smell to my breath. Sometimes the symptoms were so bad I would feel like I was going to have a heart attack, I started eating a diet under the assumption maybe it's an ulcer and that helped keep symptoms in check and improve, I had allergy tests, additional blood tests and colonoscopy/endoscopy, all were normal except one of my blood test showed heightened liver functioning one time.

Since the colonoscopy/endoscopy(most recent test I had) I seemed to be getting much better then I had a sudden relapse of symptoms a week ago. About 2 hours after last food I ate in the day(snacking on some nuts) I suddenly had very bad neck pain with pulsations accompanied by stomach/chest pain and convulsive audible bowel movements, the stomach pain goes away next day but the neck pain and pulsations persist for days after, the day after I also noticed I am abnormally thirsty and need to pee really often even though it is clear.

I called my doctor about the relapse and he cut me off before I even finished describing my symptoms and tells me it's probably psychological, tells me no tests can be done for me since all previous results were fine. I believe from 6 months experience with my symptoms that there is almost no correlation to stress/psychological factors and that there has to be some physical reason for my symptoms. Feeling very frustrated as I can no longer have a two-way conversation with my doctor and no one can seem to help me.

My overall condition seems to very slowly improving with symptoms being less severe each time I get them(usually) but have never completely gone away and it's really getting in the way of my life, please help me figure this out :(
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Bit of a symptom update, today I still have a lot of neck pain from last week's episode and have been unusually tired. General fatigue is something I struggle with also. I have had a sharp pain in my left side(around lower back ribs) since after dinner and for a period of maybe an hour or two after dinner, I found it very difficult to concentrate on anything due to fatigue and brain fog. The brain fog and inability to concentrate has generally only happened to me with foods I respond worst to like avocado, it makes it so it's very difficult for me to think at all for a while after eating.
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Hello~It sure sounds like either food allergies or sensitivities to me. Have you tried elimination diets, that is where you cut out what you feel might be the offending food for a few weeks, and if you feel better, you know not to eat that food again or at least in very small amounts, however, if you don't notice the difference, then it probably isn't that food, you do with any foods that you feel you might be allergic/sensitive to. Has any doctor recommend allergy testing? I had the RAST done, it showed I had many food allergies, it is a simple blood test and pretty accurate.

You mentioned a few times that you have neck pain, well, this might be due to misaligned vertebrae in your neck, if this is the case, you will have pain, and, believe it or not, some of the symptoms you are having. I am saying they are miracle workers, but they can sometimes help in ways no MD can.
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Food allergies do not cause fever. If you have a severe reaction or allergy it can make you more vulnerable to a bacterial or viral infection. The description of your chest being seized by severe pain raises the possibility of diffuse esophageal spasm. This is occurs when the muscles around the esophagus begin contracting erratically causing severe chest pain. It isn't necessarily right after eating, but it could be. IBS could also be at play. It sounds like you have already been to a GI doctor. Perhaps you should seek a second opinion. Have you been prescribed any medication to manage the symptoms?
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