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Abdominal masses

I'm not sure what to do now! I had found an abdominal mass (ROCK HARD) a couple inches below my belly button that felt round and smooth and is about the size of something between a golfball and a baseball. It doens't move at all when I push on it, but I can feel it in my lower back when i push on it. I also noticed that it was hard going down from that spot all the way down as far as I can feel (it feels like how the colon looks on an antomy picture!) I had an ultrasound back in December. The tech mentioned that since they hadn't had me drink anything for several hours she couldn't look at my pelvic organs. They just found a very small mass (1.7X1.3) or so but said it was either a lipoma or something like scar tissue.

I went back in because i had noticed more of these hard masses, random sizes and textures, but all ROCK HARD and not small either! I had a CT scan and they found absolutely nothing. I have a lot of very low back pain and siatic nerve pain that used to be isolated to the time around my period, but now it occurs randomly. I have also had a lot of toe numbness in my left foot that the nurse practitioner is claiming to be raynaud's phenomenon. The doctor from the CT scan said it's probably just a lipoma. But why am I getting so many more of this hardness and it wont show up on an ultrasound or a CT scan with contrast (oral and iv)?

I'm extremely thin so I can feel just about as deep as my backbone but I know that's not what I'm feeling! I can feel pressure on the extremely low parts of my back (almost my butt!) when I push on any of the masses, even the ones almost to my rib cage. What am I supposed to do now? what could this be related to? My dad had premilignant polups in his colon when he was in his 40's and my grandfather died from colon cancer in his 70's. I"m only 25 but would a colonoscopy be a consideration?
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You should certainly get referred to a GI specialist since you are concerned and with your family history- early detection they say gives the best opportunity for a cure.  

I don't believe CT scan would be as good as an MRI for the pelvic soft tissue area.  MRI is what pegged what was thought to be possibly a regular cyst by ultrasound as an endometrioma and how they spotted an abnormality between bladder and uterus (surgery proved it out to be folded bladder stuck to uterus).

  Are you sure that what you are feeling beneath your belly button aren't your uterus and beneath that, your bladder since that's where they normally would be located?

If you are having symptoms in only one foot and not the other, I highly doubt you have Raynaud's.  

Have you considered endometriosis as a possibility, since the pain used to center around your period?  Those implants can go about anywhere and start growing, really messing things up.  They can grow on and into bladders, grow into bowels, and go into a cul de sac that takes an expert gyn surgeon to properly excise the stuff out of (laser burning causes more potential for adhesions).  

And what about a tumor/growth on the underside of your uterus toward your back bone- have they considered that?

Have they checked your sciatic nerve to see if it's being encroached upon?
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