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I’ve been losing weight since April, I was 55kg last November 23kg in April and now 21 in June. I’m struggling with finishing a meal as I’m getting stuffed quickly! I’ve been dizzy for awhile and in April my blood pressure was low. The nurse has said I’m probably dizzy due to not eating properly. I’ve just had a blood test for bone profile and it’s come back high but doesn’t give me answers to not eating/losing weight. The nurse was going to ask the dr to give me a pancreas cancer/pancreatitis blood test as I’m a type 1 diabetic but I’ve received a text saying I’m going to get a phone call on 7/7 and was just wondering if he isn’t going to give me it or if he probably wants to talk first about symptoms? Any advice please
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You could have diabetic gastroparesis, in which stomach nerves that have gotten damaged by diabetes can cause the stomach to empty much more slowly. Talk to your doctor. I believe part of managing gastroparesis is to time one's insulin differently in relation to when one eats.
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Here is from the American Diabetes Association's website:

" [D]iabetic gastroparesis is caused by damage to the nerves that control the pace at which food leaves the stomach and gets processed in the gut. Some people experience nausea, while others may only note that they can't eat as much at one time. If the rate of food emptying from your stomach is too slow and you took insulin before the meal, your blood glucose may fall before the food has had a chance to be absorbed. You may have to adjust when you take your insulin injection to prevent low blood glucose and to match the absorption of your carbohydrate.

"High-fiber or high-fat foods tend to make gastroparesis worse. There are some medications that can help improve gut function. Talk to your health care team about the best approach for you."
I said that to my diabetic Dr but she said she's only ever had patients who throw up after every meal and I've never been sick.
I'd still suspect that before jumping to the conclusion it is pancreatic cancer. See if your doc will at least approve you testing the idea by changing when you give yourself your injection in relation to when you eat.
Also about your doctor's comment -- at least 50% of the people with gastroparesis do not throw up, though most get nausea. I would change doctors if they shrug off the idea only because you aren't vomiting. Be sure the doc understands that you feel full immediately upon eating not very much, and also that you are losing weight. Here's a link to an article about diabetic gastroparesis in case you haven't seen it: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK430794/
I'm not feeling sick just bloated and stuffed. I will ask the Dr when he calls next week, if he can't do much I have a consultation in September so can ask then.
It really does sound like the food is not digesting quickly, which is what gastroparesis is. Good luck talking with the doctor about this possibility.
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You were 55 kg last November and 21 kg in June, are you saying you presently weigh 46 pounds?
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Or that since April you have lost 46 pounds?
Shoot meant 53kg and now 51kg lol
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