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Air Pocket Swelling in Coccyx Area

I am a 24 yo male. I have been having coccyx pain for over 2 months now, and have broken my tailbone in the past. The pain has become much worse and there is swelling around my coccyx. It is about the size of a golf ball. I also have an air pocket in the same area of the swelling and I can feel a clicking/gurgling/crackling noise when I move or press on the area. The area has recently started to become numb. I know I did not break my tailbone again, the crackling feeling seems to be air or liquid moving around. I also have had no recent trauma.  

Any ideas as to what this may be?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello - Thank you for the response - I have had a pilonidal  cyst in the past (I did not see a doctor but the cyst drained naturally and I have had no issues with swelling around the pilonidal sinus for over 6 months)

This incidents swelling and air pocket are felt about half way down on my left buttox, about 3 inches lower than the pilonidal sinus and only occurs on my left side. Sometimes the swelling results in a visible ball/lump as well as a hard strip of swollen tissue that runs along the left side of my buttcrack (about 1/2" wide and 3-4" long) which is completely numb.

When I cough, sneeze or laugh I can feel the air/liquid move, The air/liquid also makes gurgling noises if the area is pressed on.
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It sounds like a pinodinal cyst. Prolonged irritation & pressure on the coccyx,
even just prolonged sitting may predispose people to this.
You should see your doctor for it. If it is indeed a pinodinal cyst he/she may be able to drain it by simply squeezing it (painful!) or by surgery,preferably laporoscopic - least invasive and less complications-, or marsupialization.

Best wishes.
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