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All my joints just...hurt, all the time

Hello, I am an 18 year old female and all of my joints (all knuckles ankles knees hips elbows shoulders back neck) constantly just, well, hurt. And they randomly crack a lot even with the littlest movements and there can be such immense stiffness and pressure and pains that I have to manually crack my knuckles shoulders back and neck because it helps a bit. Neck is the one that constantly hurts no matter what I’m doing, laying down standing walking, anything. The pain is in the cervical spine area between around the occipital bone and the transverse and spinous processes area. Trying to sleep is terrible. Lay on my side, both my hips and my knees hurt. Lay on my back, my lower back kills. Tuck my knees to my chest to make my lower back feel better and my hips cramp and hurt. The last hour I have had such bad back pain just up and down the entirety. And it’s so sharp and stabbing in my lower back and even stomach/pelvis area. And the worst thing is I get like nerve impulses all over my sides and front when I have my whole back hurt. Like static almost and I wanna throw up and I feel like I’m starving and haven’t eaten and just overall so uncomfortable. Being stationary for more than 10minutes hurts it a lot too, if I don’t move my arms, I get like hand buzzer type shocks in my elbows and sometimes twitches my hands and no mater what way I move them it hurts a lot. Now I’m in the house all day due to corona but in college I walked ten minutes to each class and even walking sometimes I had to stop cause putting the slightest pressure on my hip would hurt so much or pop it out and my ankle locked up and if I didn’t crack it it Luke wouldn’t move. That only happens occasionally now since I’m inside but. It just hurts. Constantly.
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Have you seen a physician?  I mean, anyone can come up with a speculative possibility -- for example, if you have a big problem with the neck it can be pinching nerves all up and down the body, or, if all your joints hurt, it could be fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis or Lyme Disease, but really, how could I know from here?  When something is all over the place you need to see a doctor and start with blood tests to see if there's a disease state going on.  Hope it works out.
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Unsure but that's exactly how I feel and have felt for the past year!!! Blood tests, mri, ct scans all fine except for neck arthritis.. I go to a rheumatologist in a few wks, if I find out anything I'll let u know
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Sounds like fibromyalgia or arthritis. You should ask your doctor about this.
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