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I've never had bad allergies before. In fact I would only sneeze once in a blue moon. But for a few weeks now my eyes have been itching so bad and I would itch them to the point that I've already had two infections of my eyelid on the left side.It would swell my eyelid almost till my eye was shut. I have a pretty bad history of staph infections. Also the roof of my mouth has been itching and when it starts to itch it will get these hard lumps on one side at a time. They don't hurt or anything they just itch. Now I'm starting to get a cough with phlegm in it and nausea like you would get from taking an antibiotic without eating first. It really feels like I had just taken some medicine and I can feel it on my stomach but I don't take medicine. I've tried allergy medication and it doesn't help any. I don't know what's going on.
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I'm sorry- my mistake thinking you'd taken antibiotic.  Sounds like a terrible infection!  Is there no public transportation in the area you live in?  I wonder if you have infection in your body and if so, you don't want to leave that untreated, as infections can be very serious.  The description in your head sounds like some sort of neuropathy symptomology.  I do hope you will see a doctor soon!
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I never went to a doctor to get antibiotics for the infections in my eye. The second infection was worse it busted and pus came out and I rubbed it with my finger not knowing it was pus and my finger got infected and my nail came off. I didn't go to the doctor for that either. I don't have a car. Now I'm having stinging burning sensations in my head along with my chronic headaches. I have a lot of stuff going on, these aren't even half of it I just don't know whats connected and whats not.
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I've been having itching going on beneath my eyes and looked it up.  I found that cold air outside and low humidity in the house can cause dry, irritated skin.  Well, that has been the way of it lately a lot where I live- cold air outside, low humidity inside.

I read that cold compresses, patting dry, not rubbing, and using moisturizing cream were things to try.  I read the skin under the eye is thin and delicate and the advice not scratch.  I think allergies were also mentioned and they might have suggested looking into things if you had started anything new lately, such as new make-up, etc..  I was concerned for awhile my eyedrops might have been contributing to the problem.

But you have an additonal problem of itchiness inside the mouth- did a bit of research and found a response about an itchy mouth lesion by a medical professional on medhelp:


I was wondering, with your having taken antibiotic if it set you up for a yeast type of infection, as antibiotic kills the good bacteria along with bad.  You might consider taking acidophilus capsules and see if it does anything positive for the itchiness in your mouth.

Also, the cough with phlegm and the nausea feeling- it might even be that you have acid reflux and if you did have some allergy or allergies you are unaware of, that would increase phlegm production and could make acid reflux even worse.  Acid reflux can potentially cause a cough and nausea, so you may want to have an ear, nose and throat specialist look at your throat for signs of acid reflux.

Please see an allergist and get tested to find out if you have any allergy/allergies you are unaware of so you might become armed with knowing what you need to avoid or might want to start getting treated specifically for your particular one(s) if it turns out you've got any/them.  I think the pollen is supposed to be particularly bad in the southern state I live in this season.
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