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Always Tired

My son is 25 years old and is always tired.  He is extremely difficult to wake up, even after having 12 + hours of sleep. Alarms and loud noise doesn't wake him. You have to shake him to wake him up.  He has poor eating habits and has a rash on his Chin.
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Hopefully your son is under a doctor's care. There are medical causes of extreme tiredness - diabetes, hypothyroid, anemia, just to name a few. Also, he could have a sleep disorder preventing his sleep from being restful thus requiring more of it. If all else is ruled out, the doctor may want to evaluate him for narcolepsy. Do encourage him to follow up on every possibilty until the answer is uncovered. I would expect the doctor to first order blood tests for all the above and more, and if those are normal, next would be a sleep study.
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Excellent advice KatEyes! On the money!

A test for anemia generally involves an evaluation of the hematocrit. The normal number for a male is 46. Females score a bit lower. When you go to the doctor ask him for a copy of the blood work tests.

The test for Thyroid is called a TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) evaluation.

The diabetes test is either a fasting glucose test or an insulin clamp protocol.

Narcolepsy is another possibility.

There are a very few unlikely possibilities that are more ominous. Not likely, but possible. A tumor, for example.

This is something that you should not forget about.

The tests are relatively inexpensive, even for someone without insurance.

KateEyes is right. Don't stop until you have a satisfactory diagnosis.

Good luck.

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