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Always something wrong with me, is it anxiety?

Always something wromg, always a symptom, and it's confusing to know whether it's all anxiety, or something physically wrong, I'm so fed up with these feelings all the time, feeling like there's always something wrong to the point where I wonder is there a point anymore.

This time, it's my groin/pelvic area, a mild discomfort on the left side, sometimes it goes to my hip, below the belly button, above the penis where the pancreas or bladder is. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it feels uncomfortable and sometimes it itchess.

No problem urinating, a bit slow sometimes, but all clear like water, been trying to drink a lot this week.

Had it for two weeks now, as soon as I think it's gone, it's back, and it's frustrating.
I try to keep my mind off it, but like my previous aches and pains my minx likes to look for it.

Only two weeks back I went to the doctor about my arm and leg numbness which I kept having for months and nasal pressure. He checked my leg, back spine and arm, he said they're working fine and the muscles in the back are a bit too tight, possibly due to anxiety. (Which I just finished CBT for).

He said there is nothing he can do apart from suggest I refer myself to a physiotherapist.

Now the same pain and discomfort is in my groin/bladder area, comes and goes and quite mild, no problems getting waste off both ends, sometimes my leg feels shaky, like nervy in the buttocks, but I had that before and theeapist doing CBT said it's anxiety.
My back hurts especially when bending down too much, that normal?

This is really embarrassing going to the GP all the time, especially at 29, my 80 year old neighbour seems more healthier than me!

I'm alway having something, from sever acid reflux, chest pains, head pressures neck/spine discomforts, pins and needles somewhere, since last year.

Had blood tests normal, had it 3 times. Urine test due to similar aching groin last year, which lasted a week till I see the doctor, normal. Chest x-ray normal.

Is it common with anxiety sufferers?
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Hello~YES! Anxiety can cause all kinds of symptoms. I have written a blog on it, you are welcome to go to my page and read it.

The more we worry about the symptoms we are having, the worse they get. I hate when the doctors tell us it is all in our head, it is very real, and the culprit is anxiety usually brought on by stress. I had all kinds of health issues in my 20's, all brought  on by the mild nervous breakdown I was having due to a bad divorce. My Naturopath tried allergy testing (I had tons of food allergies brought on, again, by stress, ) He did all kinds of other tests as well, most were "normal' finally, it was determined that the stress and anxiety from the divorce was at the root of my trouble. I started on a high potency B vitamin, and other things he recommended.

I would try the high potency B vitamin, and also, add a good pro-biotic to help with the acid reflux. Also, my chiropractor was a big help. I had vertebrae in my neck that were misaligned, when they were adjusted, I started to get some relief.

I hope you get the relief you are looking for. God bless you.
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Anxiety definitely exacerbates physical symptoms like the ones you mentioned. Another thing that could be helpful would be to take up some form of regular exercise. It helps to get your muscles moving and to relieve some stress. You might also want to try some relaxation techniques, as well as watching your diet to help with the acid reflux. Try not to be so hard on yourself and give yourself some credit for taking care of yourself. Sounds like you're making a very good effort.
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