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Am I being poisoned with something that causes hair loss?

I have been losing my hair in large clumps to the point I had to cut it very short,I used to have long healthy blonde hair. So for it to become weak,damaged dry and fall out in such large clumps is very strange to me. And it's been at least 6months since this started happening and now since I've gotten it cut short it won't grow back it still remains short,also feels very dry brittle,and becoming very thin...im a 41 year old female that takes good care of my hair,it's important to me,I've always been very health conscience about my body and hair,it's my thing,I love my hair,so to lose it like this has been devastating. Also I noticed I have had severe migraines more then usual,suffering from more then usual anxiety and becoming very depressed. Other symptoms I've been experiencing too,include a strange taste and odor from my mouth. I always seem dehydrated as well... I've noticed that I have had a lot of pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders,I'm very uncomfortable.
Could someone be poisoning me unbeknownst to me? Without getting into detail,I do have a couple people in my life that aren't such nice people sonetimes...maybe even what you would call narssacitic or borderline psychopath? Lets just say,there's been some instances that might suggest they want to harm me and cause problems for me.

Please help.
Thank you
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There are many reasons hair can suddenly start falling out, and testing by your physician can help determine the cause. Thyroid, lack of proper nutrition, hereditary issues, other hormone imbalances, and more and less serious conditions could all be responsible.
Your doctor can also check for poisons/toxins, if you really are concerned that someone may try to harm you, you should contact your police dept and talk to them if you suspect someone and have some evidence to suggest they may be planning/attempting to harm you.
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My Daughter had the same thing after a bad accident,sometimes it can be caused by severe shock, the mind can cause so many  unreal things to happen to your body' antidepressants will help.
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