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Anal warts, Cancer, Hemorrhoids ?! Please HELP.

Okay I'm sorry for posting again, but I really need some help. About a month ago, I was severely itchy on my butthole. I went to urgent care, and they said it was probably hemorrhoids. They gave me hemorrhoid cream. That did not help very much. I also told that doctor that I have had my bowl moment change a dramatic amount. I am constipated one day, the next I have diarrhea.  My mom wantd to take me to the ER so I went, they put a finger in my butt (awesome) and said everything looked okay. They also said there was a extremely small amount of blood. I have not been itchy on my butthole for the past week. THANK GOD!!! I look at it daily to make sure everything look alright. (I know I am a weirdo) Last week I felt very tender down there. When I liked I noticed my butt hole was a fleshy pink color in the areas it was tender. I put diaper rash cream on it, and that helped oh so much. Yesterday I noticed very tiny little clusters of bumps on my butthole. They were a little discomfiting at the time, and tender when I touched them. I also noticed a anal skin tag. Through the day, I noticed my butthole was discomfiting as I walked and has a fullness pressure feeling to it. This morning I decided to check it out and the bumps look slightly bigger, and hurt more. I had a sudden urge to use the restroom, and DAMN I noticed my poop was BLACK and has a very strange smell of copper, it was not very stinky at all. I am a nineteen year old female, and am very concerned and confused. I am 5'8 and weight 113 pounds. I lost three pound in the past two weeks. I also have a very weak immune system, and have been fighting multiple infections (UTI's, Yeast Infections, and Some other vaginal infection. ) off and on since February. Thank you for reading.
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Have you had any sexual encounters that might make you think you have an infection?
I have been diagnosed with infections, by my doctor, I have been treated for all them. Currently I started a dose of Antibiotic today. (for a new UTI) Whenever I have sex, I have been getting a UTI. :(
I also use condoms. I have rarely had sex lately.
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