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I lived in a small basement apartment while in school for almost 2 years, the basement leaked everyday nand flooded muliple times. 6mths after living there I went into Anaphylaxis for the first time after eating salmon sushi, then continued to have massive reations to practically everything I ate for the next almost year.Almost 3 years later I live off just a hand full of things I know I can eat. I went to an allergist and he would not do the allergy testing due to the high risk of a massive anaphylactic reaction. I have been researching mold exposure and mold spores in the lungs that can cause anaphylaxis to multiple foods, but mainly fish and seafood is by far the worst. Does this all sound like it is being triggered by mold spores?
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yes mold spores are really bad for you can go to lungs and cause so much damage try and insulate your floors to stop spore from rising into living areas
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Hi rere610.

Mold toxicity is the cause for a great number of neurological and psychological  conditions, such as addictions, anxiety and depression,
bipolar II, CFS, FMS, food allergies, MS, Neuropathy, paranoia  schizoid syndrome and a lot more!
You should be checked for the HLA gene, for if you carry it, you have NO antibodies to neutralize and remove these mold toxins.
It could be very serious!
These toxins are lipophiliacs, the love fat!! So they may move upwards
and find their way into the brain (in time)where there's an abundance of fat!
And that's where real Havoc starts!

For starters, look into extra virgin organic coconut oil (EVCO).
It is the best anti-fungal agent with anti-microbial, anti-protozoic, antiviral and anti-parasitic properties. 2T daliy and built up to 4T daily in 4 weeks.
Visit the coconut research center website for more info.

Do Dr. Cocoa's Pulse test-free download. It will indicate anything you're reacting adversely to.

Find a Holistic Doctor who has experience in Mold Toxicity.
A Holistic Doctor with NAET training  or "Allergy Antidotes" would be ideal.
Just look it up.

If you have any questions, post again or message me.
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Thank you for the wonderful info, it sure as been an every single day battle not knowing  if i eat something that cause yet another massive reaction.
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