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Man it's interesting to see so many people with the same symptoms I just can't get the negative thoughts out of my head even though I know what it is.

This discussion is related to Anxiety attack... sinus pressure... Dazed Feeling All Day Long.
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Hi Canamhkman.

Try meditation CDs or YouTube clips every night before bedtime.
1/2 hour for 30 days. Set your intentions before starting each time.
Let us know if you try it and your results.

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Negative thoughts are the cause of your anxiety or depression.  It took you years to arrive at your condition, so that it cannot be cured immediately, what you need to do is to change the way you think, a gradual process, through cognitive therapy (with therapist or, like me, through the use of tapes/CD).  I bought kit from the Midwest Centre for Anxiety and Depression, it is a 15 week course, but at the end i felt 80% cured.  With time, and through constant practice, i would say that i am basically cured.  In addition to changing your way of thinking, the course teaches you to relax through breathing exercises.  I would really reccommed you look into the Mid West Centre for Anxiety and Control and let me know what happens.
I am a 53 year old male, professional, intelligent and successful, and outwardly i appeared in control of my life, yet inwardly i was a mess, i had low self esteem, i doubted my abilities, and was ambivalent to my job, my family and my life.  With the tapes, i learned the cause of my anxiety which was the first step to turning my life around.
good luck and god bless
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It sounds like you may be depressed or have a panic disorder.
Many people with depression have great success with medications.
A doctor will take a case history to find the right ones for you.

Panic disorder is more of a problem.  The only medications are ones like Xanax, Valium, and many more.  These are very addictive.  

First your doing the right thing by reaching out and being honest.

Here are some of the non traditional methods.  Yoga, of  course, just walk around the block as far as you can.  Professionals can help you with CBT very helpful with focus.  Tapping is very effective with panic.  Mangus Tapping on line is a good place to start. There are tapping groups in almost every location.   This has really helped me. If drugs are involved you or family members please try AA or Alanon. You will be welcomed, get out of your home and make friends.

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Your good at this.  I didn't read yours before I posted comments.
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