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Anxiety symptoms

How long can symptoms from a panic attack last?
I had what I assume is a panic attack about a week ago. Woke up suddenly with fluttering in my chest, sweating, inner trembling, shortness of breath, short stabbing chest pains. Every time I would dose off I would suddenly wake up again with these feeling. Now 2 weeks later and I still have chest pains, light headedness, fatigue, shortness of breah, inner trembling, back pain, and this nervous feeling in my body. I'm only 32 and fear I might have a heart problem, or a heart attack is coming. Does anyone else have this problem?
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yes mama i have it so bad that i have fear of dieing!! one thing my doctor said is that if you dont have a past of heart problems than it is all your anxiety i have chest pains all day everyday and i have anxiety attacks more than once everyday!! it ***** and im ready for it to be over.
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Hi dawn, i have symptoms similar to yours, but the most prominent one is shortness of breath, it is with me all day long and i did as medical examination as i can, all doctors say it is psychosomatic symptoms( made by psycho facts) and i still suffer so far, but i am trying to adapt myself into them. Wish you recover so quick, Rayan.
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Hi Dawn120007.

OMG, you're describing me, when I was ten. I'll elaborate later.

No-one can tell you how long this will last. I wish I could have an answer for you, because I know how it feels.

For your own peace of mind, you should make an appointment with your doctor to have this evaluated.
You may ask your doctor to be checked also for nutritional and hormonal deficiencies and imbalances, which could be associated with some of your symptoms.

Meanwhile, you can get some Epsom salt from any drug store, put some in your bathtub and have an nice relaxing bath.
The magnesium from these salts and other minerals, would help in various ways to nourish your body, calm down and take in one of the best natural relaxants anywhere, transdermally (without any laxative issues, since it does not go through the digestive and G/I systems).

In my childhood, I went through the same exact suffering as you, shortly after my father was taken away by the military in the middle of the night and- long story short- I became the "man" of the house at the age of 10, with both my mother and my baby brother, chronically & seriously ill .
The fear of the unknown,very limited income, the magnitude of the responsibilities and the immense stress under these  extraordinary circumstances, was way beyond what my body and mind could safely handle.
The excruciating chest and back pains started & were unbearable- I could manage most of the other symptoms- but the fear of dying from these pains was even worse!
I honestly thought my heart was going to explode!
I remember that very often-almost every night for months-,I was avoiding to fall asleep at night, as I was naive enough to think that I could "will" death away, by staying awake, lol!
A God-sent Cardiologist with a great interest in Psychology, saved me.
When I went to see him in his office all by myself, it did not take him long to realize what my situation was.
He told me I was too young to take medication, my heart was fine, but I had to study a stack of papers he gave me and to follow all the written instructions to the "T".
He could tell I was a fast study and quite mature for my young age.
( BTW this Doctor refused to take any money from me)
Prayers, affirmations, breathing exercises and numerous other suggestions, which not only helped me overcome my anxiety symptoms, but also helped shape my life forever!

Enough about myself, this post is about you.
Were there any events prior to the onset of your panic attacks and you other symptoms, which may have a connection to all this?
If there's anything in your life that would suggest that there's unresolved stress, trauma or suppressed emotions from the past, please let me know.

I can offer you many suggestions and resources which could help you.

Best wishes.

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