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Any disease that would cause veins to protrude all over body?

I have had several strange symptoms that come and go in varying degrees of severity for over a year now. Stomach indigestion, fasciculations all over my body, recurring numbness under my right eye (for 6 months), I developed over 15 floaters in my right eye, fatigue, more visible veins all over my body, I can feel lymph nodes in my neck, groin area, under my arms. Muscle aches occasionally. Paraesthesia that comes and goes in my arms and legs. Overall I just feel very off.

I'm 27 and perfectly healthy otherwise. I'v had tons of blood tests and everything is normal, I had a brain MRI and it is normal, CT scan of neck, chest and pelvis, while they could see some lymph nodes none were enlarged by size criteria. I had ultrasounds of my legs which they said there was venous insufficiency in my right leg. I had an ultrasound of my heart which was normal. An EKG which was normal. I had nerve testing done which was normal.

This is not a hobby of mine to go and get all of this testing but I feel like I need to find some answers as something is definitely going on here.
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If you are Over dehydrating it will cause this
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Hello and welcome. I must agree with YSI.  Please see your doctor for an examination of this problem.  Thrombophlebitis does have symptoms similar to what you describe.  Here is information on it. https://www.webmd.com/dvt/understanding-thrombophlebitis-basics#1  It has to do with blood moving slowly through your veins and is a circulation problem. While poor circulation can cause changes in vision and eyes, this very likely could also be a separate issue.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/eye-floaters/symptoms-causes/syc-20372346
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Thrombophlebitis? Use Google Images to search for that word and scroll to see if any result pictures are similar to what you see  Have any drs actually physically examined your nude body? Often they tend to order testing after conversation and the tech sees you in the nude lol. Floaters very concerning-have you seen an eye dr?
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