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Are my results normal? Doctor keeps saying they are.

34yr old

*Transferrin Saturation%: 12
Standard Range: 15-60

*Iron: 39
Standard Range: 26-162

*TIBC: 337
Standard Range: 269-535

*Transferrin: 241
Standard Range: 195-387

Standard Range:
Albumin: 3.4-4.8
Globulin: 2.3-3.5
A/G Ratio: 1.0-2.0

2017: A: 3.6
          G: 4.1
          A/G: 0.9

2018: A: 3.7
           G: 3.8
           A/G: 1.0

2020:  A:  3.6
            G: 4.1
            A/G: 0.9

Jun 2021:  A: 3.5
                   G: 3.7
                   A/G: 0.9

Dec 2021:  A: 3.5
                    G: 4.2
                    A/G: 0.9

My Globulin is always elevated and A/G ratio always low and my doctor says she sees no issues. Is this normal? Amy doctor also had me get a Protein Electrophoresis test which she said was normal but the notes for the test stated that I have a few oligoclonal bands in my gamma region…what does that even mean? My doctor didn’t mention it but it’s in my notes. She did state that she feels like something is going on with me just don’t know what yet. Maybe the wrong tests are being ordered for me…idk I’m just ready for some type of explanation(I have many symptoms and none have really subsided and some come and go). Tenderness all over, chronic fatigue, sore muscles, stiff joints, numbness/tingling in hands/feet, upset stomach, nausea, constipation , gastritis, vision issues, random swelling in throat that radiates to my ears making them feel full, headache only on right side in temple area, moderate upper/lower back pain, moderate pain in my pelvic bone on the right side(hurts for me to stand, walk, lay for long periods of time. Dizziness and Cold Urticaria being episodes that comes and goes. I can go a year or two without having them..then boom I’m spinning and seeing weird color spots or I’m having an allergic reaction to everything cold. Also the inside of my nose have been red and swollen for over a year(not congested with mucus just swollen). My allergist says according to my most recent allergy test I no longer have allergies(is that possible? I had about 6+ allergies indoor/outdoor in 2018 and was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis. I now no longer have those allergies in 2021 and now have non allergic rhinitis according to my allergist). My nasal swelling has not responded to nasal steroids, nasal antihistamines, oral antihistamines(I’ve tried them all), nasal rinses, nasal steams, or decongestants. The only thing my nasal inflammation responds to aid Dristan( oxymetazoline which you can’t take everyday). Also my lungs have been feeling worse since this nasal inflammation has started. My lungs feel inflamed as well and irritated(my lungs feel real tight when I try to take a deep breath(I also have asthma). Also both of my ankles swelled up for no reason in May after I moved to my new place(ER nurse said it was lymphedema and left it at that. When I was finally able to see my doctor the swelling was gone so she couldn’t say). And last year my right fingertips were swollen for a few weeks kind of lighter looking at the tips and my doctor was puzzled…she couldn’t explain that either lol. She said maybe you have some rare autoimmune thing going on that I can’t figure out lol. Maybe I need a new doctor lol
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Hello~As to the tests, they all look fairly normal to me. I am so sorry you are having all these miserable symptoms however. Have they ever mentioned "Fibromyalgia"? Also, have you thought about seeing a neurologist? Seeing a naturopath might also be wise as they go into deeper detail with all of your symptoms and prescribe tests that mainstream doctors are not familiar with. A naturopath was my main doctor back home in the states, and I got more help and satisfaction from her in comparison with the regular GP.

If all else fails, then believe it or not, seeing a good chiropractor might even help, you would be surprised at all the myriad of symptoms a person can have when the back and neck are out of alignment. I have had a lot of the symptoms you have, and the chiropractor and naturopath helped immensely.
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Thanks for your feedback!! Actually fibromyalgia has been mentioned to me by my family doctor and neurologist( which is why I was referred to alternative pain management. Also my aunt has fibromyalgia if that makes a difference. My alternative pain doctor initially said I have all the tender points associated with fibromyalgia but he doesn’t think I have fibromyalgia(then why even mention it lol)He also said in the same conversation that he doesn’t like to diagnose it because it’s over diagnosed. After weeks and weeks of physical therapy and alignments he finally said  “I think you might have fibromyalgia”(and that was the last I heard of that..no one has fully diagnosed me with it to this day). Also physical therapy and alignments only temporarily relieved my stiffness…it never helped my soreness/tenderness(or other symptoms). After my sessions I would initially feel more loose(it didn’t last) but still very much tender. They didn’t dismiss me from treatment but treatment was put on hold because I didn’t have any significant change after weeks of therapy. One of my physical therapist even said she believes I have fibromyalgia…she’s wasn’t the doctor though so technically she couldn’t diagnose me. And as far as my results  I keep hearing that my results are normal but your globulin is not supposed to be constantly elevated and A/G ratio low…is that really normal? Normal globulin(according to the lab) is between 2.3-3.5 and A/G ratio 1.0-2.0. The lowest my globulin has been is 3.7(and that’s still slightly elevated). My Globulin is usually between 4.1-4.2 which is elevated. And my A/G has only been considered in “normal range “ once and that was in 2018. It’s usually low 0.9(now 0.9 might be considered slightly low but it’s still always low). That just doesn’t seem very normal to me. I know my results are nothing groundbreaking but you would think it would make one of my doctors go hmmm (especially accompanied with my constant symptoms that have not been relieved).
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Also I was just recently referred to a Rheumatologist and the checked me for RA which was negative. My sedimentation rate was elevated though.

Sed Rate: 26
Standard Range: 0-20
* I also was taking ibuprofen days leading up to me being tested because no one told me any different. I don’t know if it really made a difference in my test or not.
* I was also tested for lupus which was negative
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You know, you can get those tests from your GP.  Fibromyalgia is a tough bird.  It's really an elimination of everything else that leads to this diagnosis.  Often you can be diagnosed with it and then find out years later you had Lyme Disease or some hidden virus or bacterial infection or internal yeast that got to your organs or lots of other things that are very hard to find too.  
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