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Awkward Body Rocks

I am an 18 year old, fit and exercising female.
For about two weeks, I have the most awkward things going on on my body.
First it was a really awkward palpitation, not a fast heart but an uncomfortably strong one. I thought it was because of the green tea I kept drinking but I'm not sure anymore. It started at night and the next day it was slightly present.
After that I went out of town so my exercise program was interrupted. (I am trying to give every little bit of information.) during that week there weren't any palpitation but I kinda felt dizzy around dinner times. When I got home, my heat started behaving funny again. After dinner the beats were so strong that I could see it through my tshirt. Next day I was dizzy again after dinner and for three days had a funny pain like feeling around the heart area on my chest and back. At night I woke up with palpitations and it was also like my heart was skipping or throwing extra beats. I couldn't sleep/slept barely. In fact I was convinced I was having a heart attack because there were also heartburn.
Next day (first day if the second semester of uni) I told my mum I wasn't going anywhere unless I went to see a doctor.
So we went to see a cardiologist. The guy was simply a jerk. A professor, but a jerk. He spoke like I was an idiot I go there for some palpitations. (I didn't say I suspected heart attack)  ECG and blood tests were done, also he listened my heart himself. Then I got holter installed and the next day had Echo test. He checked them and said I was healthy and sent me home.
I exercised that day too. But this time, with my heartburn still continuing I started getting dizzy again. This dizziness is like vertigo. But I don't vomit. A little nauseous.
I wake up go to school but it continues. Palpitation comes and this time, even if there's nothing wrong, merely for some psycho medicines I go to the university health centre. The doctor there is totally interested and gives importance to what I have I say. He examines and when he listens to my heart he says there may be a problem with one of the valves as in it may not be closing entirely. Now note this because there will be a question about this.
He also said there may be a problem with my spine, as in dislocation or something.
But he wanted an urine test and when it was done BOOM. Urinary tract infection.
He said my dizziness may be because of this but I should also have my ears looked. And the skipped beats may be related to an ear problem. When I asked about my heart he said yes you have it looked to but it is not emergency. He was amazed when I said my echo was normal.
So I get my antibiotics and also a medicine called Dremamine for dizziness and a reflux thing.
My reflux went away suddenly. (Chest pains had come at some pound which was because of the gas my stomach did I guess)
But vertigo is still there.
Now the most awkward thing is coming.
My left fingers and toes having funny feelings. Not numbness. I can move them and feel with them. But it's like they have been exposed to cold. Except they didn't. Also some funny paint feeling on the left side of my hip and some tingly feeling on my left calf. My left arm feels funny too. I tend to suspect that was because of the blood test.
Well the most awkward thing is. My body started rocking. It' like vertigo feeling except I actually move. It may be synced to my heartbeats -the strong heartbeats. When I am sitting I start rocking. I can stop it. But when I loosen my muscles it starts.
I read somewhere tht could be related to aortic insufficiency which is related to malfunctioning heart valve.
Now the question: Can a malfunctioning valve be missed in echo? (Mitral valce prolapse etc) It was coloured Doppler.
Or is this rocking related to some sort of vertigo? Like I get used to feeling the rocking so my body continues doing it when I don't have dizziness too?
Or are these all related to something else?
I repeat,

Rocking body with or without palpitation
Slight pain in chest/reflux?
Some numbness like feeling at left side/comes and goes
Diagnosed urinary tract infection
Normal blood tests/ECG/holter/echo

I am getting really concerned.
Thanks in advance for any answers.
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