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Hi, for the past 3 nights i have woken up in the middle of the night with incredibley teary burning eyes. I've tried rinsing them out but it doesnt help. The burning is so intense that i can't even open my eyes!
What could this be?
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I had the same thing over a month ago!

it happened one night all of a sudden, never had any symptoms in the eyes before. I woke up in the middle of the night with a burning stinging eye , the left one. I rushed to the bathroom I looked in the mirror I looked like Terminator, the eye was completely red. I washed it with water and marseille soap because I thought there was something on the sheets, and it helped I went back to bed. from that day on I never had redness but chronic pain in both eyes, one in particular. now it's better but still going on. I have no idea why it happened, and most of all while I was sleeping.

I thought it could be from the eyes being unable to tear, there's a medical term for it and a specific test.

I asked a Doctor here on Medhelp and he said to get checked by a eye doctor. he also said to try " preservative free eyedrops (Artificial Tears).  " but absolutely not antiseptic drops.

artificial tears are safe but do not attempt anything else without going to a specialist first.
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Gio, When this happens my eyes are tearing tremendously- like serious tear drops rolling down my face....so its deffinitely not from my eyes being unable to tear.
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ah yes you had said that I hadn't noticed!

I'm not even sure my problem is from dry eyes.

what happens when you wake up in the morning and during the day?
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when i wake up my eyes are itchy and burn a little, and it disapears throughout the day...until i wake up in the middle of the night AGAIN!
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well that has to be indicative of something... during the night there is no blinking of course, the autonomic nervous system slows down which could trigger a neurological issue. the environmental conditions could play a part too. blood pressure goes down but I don't see how that could be related. is there anything new in your room you could be allergic to?

it doesn't sound like an infection otherwise obviously it would be even worse in the day.
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Just an update- i turned off the fan in my room and put in drops before going to sleep and it has helped alot! Maybe the problem all along was dry eyes...
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good! which type of drops?
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good what eye drops u using i have been having this only thing is it started with my rright eye when i wake up its sore then about 3 hours later its gone then i woke up to day my righ teye is ok but my left eye is sore now help :(
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