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Back of head by neck swollen for months

This all started back in April. The back of my head by the neck appeared swollen and hurt. The doctor said it was likely muscle related as I was working a very physical labor job at the time. I followed his suggestions and nothing worked. I've since moved out of state and have a different doctor. I noticed two small bumps behind my ear a few months ago and the swelling behind my head has increased. I was put on doxycycline as a precaution as I now work outside. After the treatment the swelling in back of my head went down and I felt great. The bumps behind my ear still there. I went to Alaska and for the first two days on the trip the bump behind my ear oozed clear smelly liquid for two days. The swelling in back of my head has gotten worse. In the fact it looks bruised and red. I was wondering if Lyme disease can do all this? Or some other infection? I also get one minute excruciating headaches whenever I try and do any type of bending, lifting, or getting out of bed in the morning. The headaches are random and happen variously throughout the day. Is all this related?
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Your first doctor dropped the ball, or maybe you didn't go back to him/her again.  The spots behind your ear are definitely abscesses.  What does the new doctor in your new town say?  Take pictures and show him/her if any of it changes, as it might not be the same when you get your appointment.  Save all of your questions and observations in a list so you don't forget anything when you go in.
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I've been to three different doctors now. The second doctor told me the hat I wear for working outside is on too tight.... The third one had an ultrasound done which showed nothing. I'm waiting on an MRI now as there is swelling in the back of my head that's looking bruised. I've also discovered a few more soft bumps on my head above the ear area if that makes sense?  I've also discovered that the one minute excruciating headaches I get usually start from the back of my head where it's swollen and bruised. I have had no injury either.
I've taken pictures and shown my doctor, they don't seem to know and haven't really examined me further. Will abscesses show up in MRI?
I'm not sure if abscesses show up on MRI, but ask your doctor(s) or do a search for it.  The bad smelling clear fluid for sure is infected (abscessed) fluid.  Maybe you should talk to them about disability or a paid period of time off work to see if your work hat is the problem, as I know changing jobs may be hard to do.  Is it a hard hat?  Can you get a bigger one?  Maybe line the head ring (I don't know  what it is called) with cushy fabric or lambs wool fabric?  Or maybe you are allergic to the plastic or whatever that is touching your head.  Maybe you can wear a bandana or something between your head and the hat?

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