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Back pain 7 weeks

Hi had back pain between shoulder blades for 7 weeks after lifting heavy object been doing physio no improvement had x ray & bone scan 1 week after incident  shows nothing … I still get a 8/10 dull pain  do you think possible that x ray may not of picked up fracture ? As I am convinced  now  pain is not muscle related … but seems to be getting more consistent every time I lift hurts again ….. ???
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Most likely it is muscle pain. Almost always is.  If you think it isn't, see an orthopedic surgeon and get an MRI.  It can take a long time to recover for some people, while others recover quickly.  We're different.  Physical therapy, which I've had a ton of, takes a long time to work, and usually works mostly by the PT stopping you from doing whatever it is you really want to do as that's what hurt you.  If you start doing it again or continue doing it you're likely to get hurt again.
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