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Bacterial infection Fever on and off for a week.

My problems started on the 29th of October , i started to get weird body chills without a fever. It was a mix of shivering and goosebumps which lasted throughout the day. The next day day i had a fever that lasted all day but was gone by the morning of the next day( 31st of October) I felt generally good this day , had no body chills or any other symptoms. I would also like to mention during this time for the pasty few weeks i have had an outbreak of hemorrhoids , and fissures causing bloody stool and general constipation. Monday morning ( november 1st) i felt good with no body chills or fever for the first half of the day. However later that night i developed another mild fever and body chills which i kicked in less than 24 hours on november 2nd. However the next day i was still getting body chills without fever, but was finally able to have bowel movements diarrhea or normal otherwise. These body chills ( the feeling of being on the brink of fever) have been consistent since then. During this same time period i have developed a dry cough , stuffy sinuses. The weirdest thing about these body chills it appears that they kick in at the same time everyday. For instance since Saturday they have been absent in the morning and developing in the late afternoon.

As of monday i have been developing a fever every afternoon which disappears during night time and is gone throughout morning. But it returns the second half of the day. Can someone please help me and tell me what is going on? I am going to doctors tommorow but now i am getting really scared.
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I too have the same symptoms for more than a month. Some times I used to get a mild head ache, joint pain  and a burning sensation through out  the whole spine .I consulted three different doctors. They suspected viral fever,Lupus,respiratory tract infection, etc., And some even doubted me as it seemed to be  non specific symptoms . Took x rays, done blood tests had first paracetamol then two types of antibiotics. But so far no improvement. One day it looks normal. The other day it is completely different.  It has been nearly 6 weeks since I went to work. I am really upset. When I accidentally saw this forum, I am a bit relieved. But will any one out there be my savior with the right solution to my problem ???  
Thank you very much!!
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