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Baffling side effects from protein consumption

It appears that any significant amount of protein in any form creates several painful and uncomfortable side effects in my body when consumed. This includes meat, eggs, dairy, soy, beans, and nuts.

For example, if I consume eggs then I get persistent headaches, brain fog, heart pain, increased blood pressure (I’ve had spikes to 165/105), numb and prickly skin, stiff neck muscles/tension, a burning pain in my kidneys, a changed sense of smell (I start smelling a particular thing that isn’t there and/or my skin is creating some kind of specific smell), and in general I just feel like I’ve been poisoned. Any form of exercise increases the severity of the side effects and causes additional pain.

Eggs and seafood appear to create the worst side effects, but I get the same or similar symptoms to a lesser extent when eating other types of meat, dairy, soy, beans, and nuts. This has lead me to start eating a heavily non-protein rich vegetable and fruit based diet, and has helped my side effects and blood pressure significantly, but this means I have to avoid almost all “normal” food.

Does anybody have any clue what might be wrong? I have asked my kidney doctor, but he doesn’t even make an attempt at explaining to me what might be the problem. I have listed a bunch of medical information and history below in case it is helpful.

Any ideas at all are appreciated. Thanks!


Age: 25; Sex: Male; Weight: 144lbs; Height: 5’7”

Known medical issues:

Polycystic Kidney Disease (hereditary; blood and urine test one month ago shows normal kidney function) (have had it for 10+ years)

Hypertension (hereditary; semi-controlled to a general range of 125-140/75-90) (have had it for 10+ years)
Tinnitus (unknown origin, but probably related to hypertension or multiple ear infections as a child) (have had it for 10+ years)

Gumline cavities/exposed tooth nerves (initially brought about by failing my brush my teeth a few times while staying in the mountains, but started appearing regardless of daily brushing and getting fillings after an incident of pneumonia 2-3 years ago caused my gums to recede) (have had it for about 5 years)


Losartan Potassium 50mg (once daily in morning) (for blood pressure)

Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg (once daily in morning) (for blood pressure)

Doxazosin 4mg (once daily at night) (for blood pressure)


Primarily low-protein vegan diet with minimal dairy and infrequent meat (few times a week).

Possible triggers to current protein issue:

Pneumonia episode 2-3 years ago.
Intense stress over a long period of time from a senior design class 2 years ago. I started having all the symptoms right after I graduated.
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