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Band of pain around chest and back

OK I do not know how to post so wherever this goes I hope I am doing it right.  OK my problem is a band of pain going around my chest all the way around my back.  Like I have a really tight bra on.  I take pain pills now and I have had all the test done.  My heart and lungs are good.  I have been all over the internet trying to find my symptoms and nobody has what I have.  The pain gets so bad sometimes I feel like I can't catch my breath.  Since I have had all the test done I am now wondering if I have some form of Cancer or maybe some Disease and this is just the beginning of symptoms.  I should add here I am not a sickly person.. I hate being sick and I don't take drugs ever.  But now I am taking too much pain meds and it is making me mad! But I can't get rid of the pain without the pills.  The pain is under both ribs and in the center of my back.  My ribs feel sore from the pressure, it almost feels like my guts have moved up into my chest area and there isn't enough room.  I am 58 female  
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I'm having the same problem.  The pain is in my upper back and radiates around the front almost like a band that is tightening and sometimes it catches and the pain takes my breath away.  Like you, I consider myself healthy and at agae 64 I'm very active.  I started taking yoga classes and do a lot of stretching and that helps for a while then the band of pain comes back.  I've only taken aspirin and use a heating pad at night and some hot and icy cream, but again, it is only a temporary fix.  I'm now looking on the internet to see if I can find any answers...good luck with your research.
i have this to i was told to massage centre breast bone as it is the skeleton around your chest that needs to move, if you do this and it feels bruised that is what is wrong ,
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i have a band of pain Have your cervical (neck)spine xray
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Check out pancreatitis on the internet and see if your symptoms match, or better yet, consult a physician.
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You could be me, talking.  I too have been struggling with these same symptoms.  I have been 'diagnosed' with Fibromyalgia, but have gotten very little help from my doctor, and live in an area that has few resources.  I DO have some arthritis in my neck, but the doctor doesn't seem to think they're related. I don't like taking pain meds either, but because I just don't have the energy right now, or time  (or money) to try all of the alternative therapies (massage, acupuncture, physical therapy), I am taking gabapentin, and a muscle relaxant & adivan at night so I can sleep. A heating pad helps for awhile. The gabapentin (900 mg/day) doesn't seem to be helping. I am 64, female, and until 5 years ago, rarely felt pain at all, and had lots of energy. It IS very frustrating, and I wish you luck.  You have my sympathies.
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I have Constrictive pain around my chest also, armpit level. it burns and feels very uncomfortable.  This all started after having chemo and radiation after a mastectomy.  But the pain and band is all around my chest, like I am caught in cement or the feeling that my armpits are swollen.   It's just awful and it's getting worse.  I take tramadol for pain and Lorazapam.   It relieves it a bit but helping less and less as this band is getting worse.  I don't know if this is ALS or what.  It's definitely neurological.  I had mris of my brain and spine.  No evidence of ms.  I had a PETSCAN, nothing .  I am at the end of my rope with this.  Almost feel like I am the only one with this.  In despair about what to do.
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Same issue. Band like uncomfortable pain around bra area. Taking bra off doesn't help but bra aggravates the issue. CT scan shows a pericardial cyst but cardio thoracic surgeon doesn't feel they are related. Every day life is becoming miserable....HELP!
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OMG!!! I just found this website! Been looking online a few years about, I have the same EXACT feeling! I take 800mg Gabapentin A few times a day. Gives me energy to get up but doesnt really help pain. Hate to wear a bra. Was told diabetic nerve pain or fibromyalgia. Been thinking about Lyrica. Anyone use?
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Yay! Someone who has the same thing as me. Mines worse in the evening.  Maybe because I'm slouching while watching TV or reading.   It feels like nerve pain,  but really,  who knows,,,  heart attack symptoms are different for women. I see the doctor next week.  Maybe I can get some answers.  Take care.  You are not alone
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I have exact same symptons but I also have heartburn/indigestion symptons and a pain upper left abdominable like a heavy weight sitting there.  Had this occurance three times over the past six years.  First time prescribed Gaviscon and pain killers.  Over time, a few weeks it did go.  Two years later, exact same symptons.  Different doctor diagnosed same as my previous doctor and again Gaviscon and pain killers and over time cleared up.  Today went to doctors 18 months later with it back again and he has given me painkillers and indigestion tablets Omeprazole 20mg on a day.  He is also sending me for a scan.  Will keep you posted.
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I am  a 76 year old  male and  suffer from the same band of pain after a spinal   procedure went wrong. I use all kinds of pain killers but none help. Please is there someone that can help me.?
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