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Bitter taste on my lips

I don't know why...

I don't wear makeup so it's not from that.

I'm not on any meds and don't take any OTC stuff.

My diet hasn't changed.

But I have this horrible bitter taste on my lips that just won't go away. Like when you use nail polish remover and then stick your finger in your mouth by accident... only I don't wear nail polish and haven't used any polish remover. No household cleaners either...

It's just a really horrible bitter taste on my lips.

Any clues???
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I thought I was crazy.  It's on my lips, my fingers, hands... every piece of skin on my body tastes like I was bathed in chemicals.  My husband can't taste it (yes I made him taste my skin, haha) but he said my skin smells different.  

No nail polish remover, no household cleaner; it's like a chemical, bitter taste.  Possibly metallic but that is not the predominant taste.  It is NOT a bad taste in my mouth... it is a bad taste on my skin.  And if I touch something, that tastes like it too (like my drinking glass).

Can this be from overusing multivitmains?  Does the body secrete excess minerals or metals or something if you take too much?

It is making my feel like a complete lunatic.  On the plus side, it's keeping me from licking my lips and biting my nails...
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I have it too!  Came on here tonight to see if anybody else gets this.  Mine comes and goes.  Weeks pass between bouts of it, then the taste comes back and lasts for a few days.

Chemically, very bitter, biting taste!  Tonight I told my husband about it and he thought I just had a bitter taste in my mouth.  It's NOT in my mouth!  I explained that no, this is on all my skin, my lips, my arms, my hands.  I put the tip of my finger in his mouth and he immediately knew what I was talking about.  He could taste it!  So this is not a delusion - something odd is happening here.

I don't take vitamins, I do take thyroid medicine and anti-anxiety medicine, but have for over 10 years and this just started about 6 months ago.

I did start using a new cleaner lately, Clorox's new "Green" something.  It dries my hands out like crazy - to the point of scaling and cracking.  So now I use gloves when I use it.  Any chance you just started using this "Green" stuff by Clorox?

I have no clue, but now think I may go to the doc.
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Did you ever get an answer? I read all of these posts but saw no answers. Any help?
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I just sent you a message as well, but wanted to also post here to see if anyone had gotten an answer. As I said, I also take thyroid medicine but the timing on this doesn't correlate with my change in dosage. The bitter taste has been there almost 2 weeks and my dosage changed about 6 weeks ago. Mine seems to be worse in the daytime and is normally gone by evening. I'm going to continue to research but will def call the doctor if this continues.

If anyone finds an answer, please share!!
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I believe you are all females, but I'm a male and experiencing the same thing.  It's been going on for about 4 months and I have no idea what's causing it.  My diet, etc. have not changed but this suddenly became a sensation that has me worried.  My lips, my fingertips and other skin areas have an extremely bitter taste...not metalic.  
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i'm female and have it also.. and my mouth is very very dry and when i lick my lips it feels like i have a weird chemical film over them.. and its horrible tasting, like i've gotten some kind of chemical on my hands and then put them in my mouth..

it's horrible.. does anyone have any clue what this is?
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I have exact same thing as you, really dry mouth and werid chemical film on my lips and sometimes it's like that film is in my mouth too.  I only get this when i am in my house, I never get it anywhere else.  Do you experience it always or just sometimes?

I'm soooo keen to figure it out, it is driving me mad
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I am sooooo surprised to google this problem I've been having the last couple of day and actually find that others have this too!  It's a bitter taste on the hands and lips only from what I can tell.  I licked my arm and don't think it's really too bitter.  But, my lips and fingers taste extremely bitter.  I have washed them multiple times to no avail.  I haven't changed anything except I started using Rainbath shower gel recently.  I at first thought this might be causing it.  But, then why would my lips keep tasting this way as soon as I lick them and they dry, it's back to tasting very bitter.  What on earth is this?
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I am just grapsing at straws here... but it appears everyone started posting about this recently.  I have been eating lot's of fresh vegetables lately.  I gained 10 lbs on vacation and started a diet when I returned.  So, I guess my diet has changed this week for sure.  I am eating "clean" if you all have ever heard of that.  In any case, I wonder if this salmonella outbreak has companies washing the vegies in something new and it's excreting through our skin. LOL  Is this far fetched?

I am really a little worried about this.  I hope something isn't wrong with me.
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I have yet to find any answer or clue as to what might be causing it for me. It doesn't seem to coorilate with anything that normally happens in my life. My diet never changes, my soap, shampoo, laundry soap, dish soap haven't changed. But still, there's this horrid bitter, chemical-ly taste on my lips and fingers. It comes and goes- will have it for a week or two then it just stops & stays gone for a few weeks to months- then suddenly it's back again.

I don't have a fever or any other "sick" symptoms when I have bouts with this so I'm guessing it's my body getting rid of something it doesn't want or need and it can't find a way to get rid of it any other way.

Completely baffling.

Though, if other people are having it too I'd say it's not just you so you aren't nuts. & if it's caused by something being wrong with you please let us know because we have it wrong with us too.

Misery loves good company I suppose.
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The first thing I thought of was some kind of poisoning ...but maybe am watching too many Forensic File shows.  There are places that do a full examination by just taking a piece of your hair - that's what I would do if this were happening to me.  Then they can tell you if too much of a specific chemical/ vitamin is in your body. I just did a google search and came up with>  http://www.hairanalysisprogram.com/  if you want more info about it.  I never used this service but just remembered a friend who was involved in working for a company such as this one where they did hair analysis and she told me a lot can be found out from doing that.  The only thing that I can think of that causes bitter taste (again with my forensic shows) is a poison that tastes like bitter almonds but don't remember if it was arsenic or what it was.  Maybe there are fertilizers you are coming in contact with?  
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I have never experienced this myself (I am a 52 yr old female) ....in case you were wondering
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About 2 weeks ago I started experiencing this as well and it seems to be my lips and all of my skin. I noticed tonight at dinner if I touched food with my fingers it then tasted like this but using a fork it doesn't. I got online tonight to research it thinking maybe it was vitamin overdose or dehydration but it doesn't appear that is it. Like all of you nothing has changed in my diet or products being used. I live in the Midwest if that is a common thing with you all. I've recently trimmer a juniper evergreen and developed a rash and read that just breathing the air by them causes most people to have an allergic reaction but didn't find this symptom as one. Has anyone discovered what "this" is? I've never posted anything before and am grateful to have been led to this posting. Thank you!
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Don't you all find it very strange that so many are searching for the answer to this problem recently?  Why is there nothing on the internet related to these systems from the past?  

Questions for all of you:
Do you use Retin A? (I do) - Thinking maybe I am using to much vitamin A
Is your neck or upper back stiff and sore if you drop your head to your chest? (mine is)
Does the bitter taste come and go throughout the day?
Have you been dieting?
Do you use rainbath? (I started using this about a week ago)
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I too have had this symptom lately.  I've never had this problem before, but my hands and lips are just incredibly bitter tasting sometimes.  Washing them doesn't make it go away.  I tought maybe it was because we had just moved out to the country, perhaps something in the air or the well water. It is so odd, and I have no other symptoms that I've noticed.  I've read through this thread and I don't see any other commonalities with any one else.  I don't take vitamins, or any kind of meds, or use rainbath...  I am a 26 year old female.
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Do you use Retin A? No I don't.
Is your neck or upper back stiff and sore if you drop your head to your chest? Some days, but I attribute that to having Spina Bifida. Some days I wake up nearly paralyzed and some days I wake up fine. I don't have the bitter taste when I wake up sore.
Does the bitter taste come and go throughout the day? When I experience it it's all day, for several days in a row.
Have you been dieting? No, nothing in my diet has changed.
Do you use rainbath? Nope, don't use it.

I really wish some one some where could figure this out for us. It's really annoying and frustrating- and makes eating difficult & unpleasant.

I will say though that I'm really glad to know that I'm not alone with this.
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How are you?

Bitter or bad taste in the mouth is scientifically known as ‘Dysgeusia’.It can be due to dental caries, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, medications like antibiotics, vitamins and antidepressants, poor oral hygiene, copper or lead toxicity.

Bitter taste is caused by caused by anaerobic bacteria that live within our bodies. These bacteria can grow in number very quickly when given the right environment or food source thus causing a bad taste in mouth.

You can fight against the metallic taste by having citrus juices, lemonade and foods marinated in vinegar. They not only break through the taste, but also help in saliva production that helps in washing away the metallic taste. Every time you brush your teeth, make sure to brush your tongue also. It will help in lessening the metallic taste. You can use some oral mouthwashes also. This should help.

But if the symptoms persist then please consult a doctor for a complete examination.

Regards and do keep us posted.
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Ok...first of all in response to the previous poster the problem is not a bad taste in my mouth, but on my hands.  Big difference.
Secondly, I think I have an explaination for this, and I felt a little silly once I realized it.  Do any of you use canned air to dust your keyboard or anything else with?  I do and today when I cleaned with it I noticed that the label had changed...it now announced that a "bittering agent has been added to discourage inhalant abuse".  Apparently in the past few months many makers of canned air and other propelent products (the kind that are 'huffed') have been doing the same thing.  This would explain why this is a recent phenomena in our lives..and for me it explains why I would wash my hands and the bitter would come back. (even though I hadn't gotten anything on them, I'd only been working at the computer)  
This explaination makes perfect sense to me and I believe explains this odd symptom in my case.  Anyone else have any thoughts?
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To Kindd-
I agree with innanni- the taste is on our skin & lips- NOT IN OUR MOUTH. I appreciate the information but for me at least it's not a question of oral hygene or taste in my mouth.

To Innanni- the majority of companies that make aresol product have put bittering agents in them for years. Perhaps the brand of canned air you are using just started doing it but most of them have been doing it for quite a long time now. I don't use compressed air on any of my electronics and I wipe my keyboard with a damp towel or microfiber cloth.

Any other suggestions?
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can i ask a question of you all?
it is, are you all very social creatures?
do you all spend alot of time outside?

if so, i may have the answer, but its not what you'd expect, or like to hear.
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i dont have time to wait for you guys to respond and as im using a work computer, i cannot bookmark the page to come back to later. so ill tell you what im thinking now.

have you heard of morgellons disease?

it is an old disease, which dissapeared, but lately in the last few years, there have been hundreds, if not thousands of cases of people displaying symptoms close to morgellons disease

you should google it.

basically, patients feel crawling sensations underneath their skin, lesions appear, and from those lesions, fibres are pulled from the patients skin,

i am no doctor, but you can google this and find the relevant information for yourself.

you guys clearly arent describing those symptoms.

but you do display symptoms all over your skin.

i hope you'll bare with me while i continue to explain;
morgellons is related to "chemtrails" you can google this.

here is some info


and some documentaries:

the german military have been taken to court for doing this

this is why it is very relevant if you spend alot of time outside, because they will affect/contaminate you more.

keep your eyes on the skies, and if you see what is on these websites, and in these videos, and you still choose to spend hours outside everyday, then its your choice, but i wouldnt reccomend it for your health.

barium, ALUMINIUM, unidentifiable fibres, and a lot of other substances have been found in these chemical trails, and theyve been found by independant labs.
and here, a local news station confirming the ingredients:

i strongly suggest, you be aware of the skies, stay inside if they are spraying, and watch your condition improve.
i'll place money it will.

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I recently started having these same symptoms. I went to lick something off my thumb and was met w/ a horrid bitter taste. I got up and washed my hands immediately. I licked my lips while washing and found that the taste was also on my lips and the surrounding (outside) skin. I washed my mouth as well. It did not work. Eventually the taste went away, but only to return in sporadic moments. I don't understand it. And oft at times it brings fatigue with it - I noticed no one has mentioned that, but I find that when this taste appears - I become fatigued and lethargic.
I am an avid drinker of tea from one of the larger franchises we have (don't want to say which one). I get it the same way everyday - cream and 2 sugar. I've noticed that the "taste" on my lips and skin sometimes appear after or while I am drinking this. Are any of you tea drinkers? It might not be from the company itself - it may just be in the tea leaves?
I'm a little nervous with this. There are so many shortcuts being made today to make things last longer, to stretch things out, etc.... How do we know that they aren't doing this to our food and drink? And how do we know if something is in it or not? I know this is purely speculative and might sound over the top, but I find it hitting my nerves reading everyones account above and having mine own as well. It's scary; it's nerve wracking.
Please advise if any of you are tea drinkers. My conern lies w/ that at this moment. And if any of you go to a certain 'franchise' - let me know with a hint. Thank you!
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No, I don't drink tea.  I do drink coffee (instant) and it's the same brand for years.  I have fatigue as well.  I've been telling my husband that I must be coming down with something during all of this.  I have had some stomache discomfort, neck stiffness, (for over a week like you get with the flu), as well as the nasty taste on my skin.  I am so bothered by this because in all of my life I've never experienced anything like it.  It's not a bad taste in my mouth either.  I realize that people would be skeptical and tell me that it probably just seems like it's my skin and that the taste must be coming from my mouth instead. This is NOT the case. I've verified this with my family (jokingly).  I had both my husband and my teenage boys.  When they taste my finger, they describe the same nasty, bitter taste.  They even tell me that it lasts in their mouth for some time.  YUK
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Hey.. I will say that I have used canned air for the first time in years starting about a week ago.  This would coorelate with when my symptoms started.  However, I haven't used it every day.  For example, today I didn't use my computer at all til right now.  Now, all of a sudden I have the taste on my lips.  So, I'm thinking that maybe it's left a residue on my keyboard?  I hope this is what is causing it.  Very strange.
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