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Black specks in sputum.

I just got done puking. My back and chest hurts. I just coughed up some sputum with black specks in it.
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Hello~Did you eat any food prior that were blackish in color? If not, I would go to your ER and have this checked out, the fact that your chest and back hurts along with this causes me concern. It may be nothing, but again, it may be something that needs attention ASAP.

Please let us know how it goes.
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I think I am going to go to the hospital tomorrow.
Also, I did not eat any food that was black in color prior to coughing it up. I puked purple (I was drinking grape juice) right before I coughed up the sputum. The sputum was clear with black/gray specks. I have never coughed anything up like that before.
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Ash, your OB/GYN is on call. Have you connected with them?
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I do not know why I did not tell him about everything that is still going on. I always try to go as quickly as I can when I talk to him, because I know how busy he is. I hate that no doctor can tell me why I am so sick.
If you start vomiting what looks like coffee grounds you need to go to the ER. If this can wait, you should make a list of all of your symptoms and go over them with your OB/GYN. His job is to not only care for you, but also your unborn baby. Do not feel rushed through your visits. I would take a piece of paper, put the date, and put your symptoms. That way someone is tracking your issues and makings sure mom and baby are healthy.
I wish I would have been tracking all of my symptoms this whole time. I really should have been writing everything down that has been happening.
I went to the hospital yesterday. The doctor was worried that I might have  atypical pneumonia, so he did an x-ray. They told me that I have pleurisy. I still do not understand why I have black/gray specks in my sputum.
Ash1818 - you have numerous posts here on MedHelp - since you didn't make notes of what's going on with you to tell your Ob/Gyn, you can go through your posts here and write down the symptoms from your posts and include the dates which you made the posts, so you'll have everything pretty close and be able to tell your doctor.  That will make it easier for her/him to help figure out what's going on.   If you got to your profile page you can get a list of your posts.

Since you'd been drinking grape juice prior to vomiting, it's possible the black specks could have been small bits of residual grape juice, but of course, that would be something for your doctor to figure out.
Ash, the specks could be from various things. You had an XR and have been diagnosed. Please follow the instructions given to you by the doctor who examined you and correlated your clinical findings to your diagnostic imaging findings. I know you are anxious, but you are putting yourself and your baby at risk by asking for medical recommendations, especially regarding medications, on an internet platform. Many of your posts don't mention your pregnancy which is problematic. You are in a different risk group being pregnant,. Barb made a great suggestion about tracking your posts on here and gathering data for your OB doctor. Please take care of yourself and your unborn baby by following the advice of a board certified OB. I wish you all the best.
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Im not a doctor but I often cough phlegm with black/grey bits in mainly when I have a cold/flu. I was a x smoker for 14 years so am aware that my lungs probably have a lining of black tar and yukky stuff that is conteibuting to it.

If you have stomach/back pain afrer being sick that is probably the cause but as others have said if in doubt gwt it checked out
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I do plan on getting it checked out.
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