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Bladder, Muscle Weakness, and Kidney Problems.

I am a 25 5'8 150 pounds year old female who has been having symptoms since I was 21.   After a bad bought with Mono my symptoms began suddenly. My symptoms began with frequent urination, and a skin rash, high histamine . After Mono I continued with serve fatigue for about a year and a half for which has lessened but still continues. My other symptoms which started getting worse a year after mono include unknown urine leakage, not due to coughing, physical activity etc...muscles weakness, A past runner, who was in good shape, I have a hard time running a mile or walking up the stairs without my legs being in pain. I have sore kidneys constantly,! the more sore, the more I urinate ( no idea why?) Note: Before mono I had kidney stones twice at age 18 and 20..none since. I have chronic constipation and go to the bathroom about 1 time a week. The more constipated I am the worse my bladder symptoms are as well. I have been to a neurologist who ruled out ms. I have been to physical therapy twice, which helped a little.....but got worse again when done. I have seen a internist who checked me for diabeties insipidus which I did not have. Having my TSH tested ANA tested they are normal ( my father had hyperthyroidism and had his thyroid removed) I have had blood work done at least 3 times and noticed something I find interesting. When i was in good shape right when I had mono my creatinine level was .7 currently My creatinine level is 1.9. I question that and wonder if it is normal. I have been looked at by a urologist, and my bladder looks healthy.  I was very healthy and engeretic before the mono...A few more symptoms include migraines about once a month. My symptoms are worse before my period muscles twitching, and swollen knees and feet pain when I get out of the hotub. I also have noticed in pictures throughout the last years my left eye has become droopy. . Any ideas of what could be happening to me?
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A rise in creatinine from 0.7 to 1.9 can indicate kidney disease in someone your age.  I would investigate further.

This can start with a kidney ultrasound and examining the urine sediment as well as a urinalysis.  Kidney disease can indeed lead to various symptoms involving urination and can cause systemic symptoms like fatigue.

I would discuss these options with your personal physician, and consider a referral to a kidney specialist.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Please research the symptoms of Guillain Barre...


it's a very serious auto immune disorder that seems to fit the symptoms you are having.  it usually follows exposure to the Epstein-Barr Virus (momo)


and can cause very serious neuropathy (nerve damage), sometimes irreversible, causing paralysis of the lower extremities, moving up the body.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, look into this and get tested immediately.  time IS a factor with this disease.  see the links i have provided, and search both Guillain Barre and Epstein-Barr.  if you do in fact have Guillain Bare, immediate action needs to be taken to prevent further complications.  let me know how things turn out, and if you need any more information.

take care,

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  I am a 21 year old female 5'1 140 lbs. I have had a lot of blood in my stool since I was 18. I have been to a my primary doctor who said it could be acid in my stomach. I have an over all healthy diet. I drink lots of water. For the past 6 months I have had severe leg pain. The pain usually starts at night from my ankles to my knees. Sometimes it gets so bad that I stay up all night taking Advil every four hours. I had a urineanlysis done and it said that I had 7 RBC/HPF in my urine. I have cramping in my lower abdomen, and I am constantly urinating. I also have migraines. What should I make of all this? Please help...
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