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Bladder pressure at night time only? Doctor not helping

Hello, I'd be greatful for any help with this as it's starting to drive me crazy.

I was diagnosed with a pelvic infection around 6 months ago. I wasn't given any tests at all. The doctor had a prob at my abdomen and then sent me away with antibiotics/ceflaxen. I've since been back 4 times with the same symptoms and they've given me antibiotics 3 times except for the last time, and the doctor prescribed something for muscle spasms.

My symptoms are, at night, there is a constant pressuure, like something is sitting on my bladder. It's very uncomfortable and I'm constantly feeling the need to go the toilet, but when I do, I clearly don't actuually need to go. I just have to deal with it. In the morning, I do desperately need to go, and it feels quuite sore from being left so long. Also, when laying on my tummy, I feel as though there's something there. The only way I can describe this is from when I was carrying my dauughter, like there's a lump. I can also feel movement. It's very strange. I'm definitely not pregnant. I've been experiencing some sharp pains down my left side near where I think my ovary is. I just feel generally unwell. Especially in the mornings. I feel like the doctor isn't really listening to me. I don't think google helps, as I keep getting results telling me about cysts, cancer, endemetriosis. It does turn you into a bit of a hyperchondriac. But at the minute I'd just like a nights sleep without being so unconfortable. I hope someone can offer advice. Thank you.
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do you have any other symptoms?
anything that seems completely unrelated?
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did he ever mention interstitial cystitis?  i take elmiron for this.   it feels like you have a bladder infection, only you don't.  google it, see if it sounds familiar.
I have gone to doc so many times complaining of bladder infections, always feeling like i have to pee, its awful.
starting taking Elmiron,( took a couple weeks before i really noticed it ) now all is well.   Good luck to you!
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!st get a new doctor, find out information on the doctor and whether people would recommend him. Pray and get a goodnight sleep.  Stress and worry can make it worse and the fear of not knowing.
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