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Bloating all the time

Good evening,  I am 45 years old female. It's a 1 month that I gave up smoking.  It's about 2 months that I gained 5 kilo's and I feel bloated all the time. That's why I gave up smoking. It does matter what I eat I feel bloated. I am allergic to yeast. I eat heathly and fresh foods. I don't know what to do.  What blood test should I do or what should I do in general.  PLEASE HELP…..
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try drinking a glass of water with a spoon of baking soda, that'll do if the problem is in the stomach. if it's intestinal maybe try eating products with probiotics some yogurts for example.
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Avoid all carbs for one week and see how you feel. Healthy or not they are sugars.  Read your food labels and do your research on the right veggies. No Fruit at all, no low fat or whole milk, only cream.
    Try it, you'll see most likely in even less than the week if you dont cheat you will have lost the bloat.
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A lot of things can cause bloating:
Lactose intolerance
Irritable bowel disease
Celiac disease
Chrons disease
Air swallowing (a nervous habit)
ascites and tumors
ovarian cancer
not making enough pancreatic enzymes

You can get tested , I would see a GI specialist and maybe they will do a gastroscopy or upper GI and if they don't find any reflux or other problem then a lower GI..
Good luck. I have reflux and some bloating and pain and I take a lot of Gas X. Hope they find the problem.
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