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Blood Test

My recent blood test resulted in the following:

Total Bilirubin of 1.5 mg/dl
ALT(SGPT) of 82 U/L
Hgb of 17.0 gm/dl
MCV of 99 fL
MCHC of 35.6gm/dl

Is this a good indication of Cirrhosis or some other liver disease?
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Liver enzymes are very sensitive and can elevate for both temporary insignificant health issues or be an indicator of a significant health condition.  High levels of AST alone do not suggest liver disease; a notable exception is Wilson's disease (rare).

Besides an elevated ALT, your other labs are within normal range.  Liver enzyme levels must be used with other blood tests, examination, and medical history.

More common causes of elevated liver enzymes include:

Certain prescription medications, including statin drugs
Drinking alcohol
Heart failure
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
OTC pain medications

Other causes of elevated liver enzymes may include:

Alcoholic hepatitis
Autoimmune hepatitis
Celiac disease
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection
Epstein-Barr virus
Gallbladder inflammation
Heart attack
Liver cancer
Muscular dystrophy
Toxic hepatitis
Wilson's disease
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Sounds like a pretty unhappy liver. There are quite a few reasons why your enzymes are higher than normal, for instance with the TBIL here are some known causes (mononeucleosis, hemolytic anemia, even low levels of exposure to sun.) My father was just found to have a pretty common Liver disease called hemochromatosis which can lead to cirrhosis of the liver amongst other issues. With those levels, I'd take a real good look at what medications you take and if they can cause liver issues. Has your doctor determined the next step for you to take?
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