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Blood Work - High Platelet Count and others - Help

I had my blood work done a few weeks back and my doctor said my platelet count was high.  I went back today to have them checked again so I should know the results in a few days, but I wanted to give some more info and ask a possible reason for the higher levels?

Here are what I was high in

Platelet Count was 643 (140-400 Thousand/uL) is normal, so as you can see I am much higher than 400.
Red Blood Cell Count was 5.30 (3.8-10.8 Thousand/uL)
Hemoglobin was 17.0 (13.5-15.5 g/dL)
Hematocrit was 50.0 (38.5-45.0%)

Do these things combined, or alone strike a bell for a possible problem?
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I got the results and they came down to the 575 range. My doc said wait another 3 months and have them tested again.  Said to also drink a lot of water.  Guess I'll play it like that and see what happens.

Thanks for the informative info!
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
Severe dehydration can cause a high cell count. Another possibility is myeloproliferative disorders of the bone marrow.
Myeloproliferative disorders include:
• Polycythemia vera -- occurs when the bone marrow produces too many blood cells, especially red blood cells
• Essential thrombocytosis -- occurs when the body produces too many platelet cells, which help blood to clot. Clots can block blood vessels leading to heart attack or stroke.
• Primary or idiopathic myelofibrosis (also known as myelosclerosis) -- occurs when the bone marrow produces too much collagen or fibrous tissue in the bone marrow. This reduces bone marrow's ability to produce blood cells.
• Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) -- cancer of the bone marrow that produces abnormal granulocytes (a type of white blood cell) in the bone marrow
Refer: http://www.medhelp.org/tags/show/123403/Chronic-myelogenous-leukemia-CML

It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Wait for the results. If the high values persist consult a hematologist ASAP. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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