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Body Temperature control when up and down

Hello -- i am a 46 year old male with marfans syndrome.  I have a few issues chronic pain and very sloppy joints which can generally move in all directions - for example i am able to turn the lower half of my leg around while the knee and the top of the leg stay facing forward (the whole leg does not twist).  This however is not my biggest problem which is body temp.  Every nigh for the last 4 or 5 years as soon as i lay down wearing just a t-shirt and undies under a sheet i start to heat up  and within 20 to 30 seconds Im about to explode i'm so hot- - so i get out of bed and have to then squat in front of a fan heater because i freeze - if i go back to laying down i fry - i get up - i freeze all of this can occure within minutes of eachother -- if i stay in bed it seem the colder i try to make the room the hotter i get when i lay down. i can also lay down and have no covering and be very hot and very cold at the same time - you would think thats not possible but believe me it is. Sometimes getting fully dressed and laying on top of the bed works - but only sometimes.  I have a few problems so my doctor focuses on other things and just says and i qoute  "dont know - nothing about you is normal".  I do not find this helpful and this is a problem i would truely like to see the end of - my life is hard enough without feeling like your going insane from lack of sleep. I found out the hard way that after a few days parts of your brain must sleep even if you are awake and functioning (but you are not you). I found others on the web with temp problems but none like mine.  Can anyone  even just suggest a fix or at least a direction i could point any of my doctors in.  I should aslo mention I only weigh 52kg and i'm just over 6 foot.  My stomach stopped digesting solid food about 5 years ago - no one is sure of the cause but if i eat food it will sit in my stomach for 3 days then it will come up in a most unpleasent manner - it is not an explosive vomit as normal but a solid mass of undigested food been forced up your throat and out your mouth - it take a long time to get it out and you cannot breath while it works its way up the throat (it sounds bad but its like doing a solid poo out of your mouth) once its out it is totally recognizable food - in tack. i thought i should mention this in case my weight has something to do with my ever changing extreme temp fluctuations when i lay down at night.  I hope all that made some sort of sense.  I live in Tasmania which is a cold climate and before this problem i had a water bed set a 32 degrees with a sheet and doona - now usually not even a sheet can cover me.  I really hope someone can help
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