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Bone Pain and Muscle cramps

Please help me by telling what disease I have. I have been living in nordic countries for the last 15 years and used to living in sub zero temperatures. But after some dental treatment my body is reacting totally abnormally. First I got severe sinus problem. Two courses of Amoxicillin did not work. Even after 3 months now, I have postnasal drips,specially if it is little cold, say 18 degrees. Then I get pain in my head, cheek bones, jaws, back of my eyes. Every morning I get up with severe bone pains, mostly in the legs, arms,fingers,  waist, shoulder blades. These pains go away after my morning free hand exercises. But they can come back any time with little rainy wind or if I go near the refrigerated food section in the groceries. Due to muscle contractions, I often get pains in my neck and head and jaws. The jaw muscles suddenly contract and create pain in all the teeth.I can't go on taking analgesics regularly. So; I am always distressed. I take multivitamins regularly, and extra Calcium (800+500 mg/day), glucosamine+chondroitin. For my hypothyroid I used to take .75mg Levaxin, now I have increased that to 1g on my own. That has helped little bit. For high BP I take felodipine 2.5g. My BP, sugar etc. are normal and I don't have any other diagnosed disease.  Please note that the bone pains are in the long bones, not joints.  I am a regular yoga practitioner for the last 33 years and I walk for about an hour everyday. I am still maintaining these activities and I manage well while doing these. Can you please suggest why do I have these bone pains and unusual muscle contractions? What should I do? Today I tried to consult a privately practicing  Orthopedic surgeon here, but his secretary said that he does not treat these general problems. So, You please suggest what to do. What tests do I need? On 19th Aug. I have got appt of a GP when at least I can suggest her to think that way. Thank You in anticipation.
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I can't give a specific diagnosis over the internet, especially without examining you.

Things to consider, in general, would be TMJ syndrome, where the joint in the jaw may cause some of the symptoms you are describing.   At times, TMJ syndrome can lead to the feeling of muscle spasm or contractions.  

If there continues to be concern about bone disease, obtaining a bone scan can look for potential lesions that may be the cause.  

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.

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