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Bony lump in foot - causing symptoms

Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help. Last night I inadvertently touched my right ankle joint and noticed a small, hard, bony lump near to it. It isn't tender when I touch it but it's making my foot feel fizzy and has created muscle spasms in other parts of my foot. I haven't injured the area, the foot hasn't swollen or become red and there is a slight dent in the skin between the lump and the ankle joint itself.

Should I see a doctor about this? I don't know what this is or why I've got it, but the fact that it's causing symptoms is worrying me somewhat.

Thanks for any help
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    So sorry that you have this bump... it could be a ganglion.  Quite common - similar to a lipoma.  
     You would need to see a surgeon about having it removed if it is causing you pain and problems.
      Wishing you the best outcome...
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Hi there Silverfox thanks for your answer.

Doctor has looked at it today and said it's a bone spur (hyperostosis). I did think it was that but it's in a very odd place. She says patients usually get bone spurs at the heel and not the ankle like me. One good thing she did say is that it's not too big, not pressing on anything major and isn't going to interfere with walking.

Pins and needles aren't so bad now, but I do get a constant dull throb there. Also I'm sure the lump is impinging on something in my foot as I was having a shower and the little toe on my right foot got redder than any of the others. Might not have anything to do with it and be practically nothing to worry about, but I might mention this at my follow-up next week about my thyroid meds.

I'm only 28 so to have problems with my bone turnover is worrying me somewhat. Could be down to my thyroid illness but I'm not sure. Doctor has said it's not medication-related so it's nothing I'm doing wrong.

At least I've had it checked it out now as it's better to be safe than sorry.

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   Here is a home remedy for bone spurs.  Soak your foot/feet in a pan of nice warm water to which you add 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar.   The vinegar and baking soda mix will soften the spur.
    Start taking Grape Seed Extract.  it has been known to actually dissolve the spurs.  (I used to have heel bone spurs - but dissolved them this way.  No more spurs).
     I still take Grape Seed extract (have been for years after the bone spurs went away).  It is a great antioxidant and also is helpful with asthma.

     Hope your spur will soon be a thing of the past!!
Wishing you a good outcome!
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PS   You might want to soak your feet once a week until the spur is gone.  Make it a ritual - like every Sat. night give yourself a pedicure after the soak... :-)
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