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Boyfriend is slowly starving to death

and the Drs say there's nothing wrong with him. He's experiencing burning and debilitating pains in his stomach, pain and tenderness to the touch in the upper left side of his abdomen, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. He's been going through this for over a year, in the last 4 months he's lost a noticeable amount of weight(from 189 to 153)because he can't eat, he can't even drink water without vomiting so he's almost always sluggish and dehydrated. He's always tired because he's A) unable to properly fuel his body and B) unable to sleep due to the pain he's in. I've watched this strong,unflappable man break down in tears, sobbing miserably because he's weak and tired and hungry and he doesn't know what's wrong with him or how to fix it. I'm desperately hoping someone has some idea of what's going on because he's rapidly losing the will to live, more often than not he's wishing he would just die so his suffering would end. He's my everything and I'm losing him,I'm terrified that if this horrible sickness doesn't kill him he'll do it himself just to stop the pain.
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You must seek medical help, regardless of what the previous doctors concluded.
A patient cannot be left  to  starve and suffer from malnutrition under any circumstances..
My opinion is that you seek a reputable Functional  Medicine Doctor ASAP, who will go beyond the  standard conventional investigations (which led to NOTHING) and  hopefully  figure out what 's wrong.
The use of a  feeding tube   sounds like  the first  thing to be considered immediately, while his medical condition is getting addressed.
Perhaps a gastric feeding tube will be used, considering the circumstances.
But you must act NOW, before any further vital organ involvement or complications.
If money is an issue, do not hesitate to ask for help from family and friends, since this a life threatening medical situation.
Best Wishes and God Bless!
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Thank you for your reply Niko. I called around today and found a 2nd gastrointologist(sp?) that's going to see him tomorrow to run more tests. Hopefully this guy can figure out what the problem is and we can start taking steps to get him healthy again :)
When did he see the doctors? If he said he was unable to eat and in pain, what did the doctor say about that?
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Please go to a Vascular Surgeon and get checked for a condition called SMA Syndrome (Superior Mesenteric Artery). It occurs in the upper left abdominal area. The Duodenum gets compress between the Aorta and Superior Mesenteric Artery. Food gets stuck and causes nausea and vomiting and extreme weight loss. Most people with this condition can’t eat or drink. It is a very serious condition and should be ruled out! It took doctors 25 years to properly diagnose my friend with this condition.  
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