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Brain Problem?

For the past 4 weeks now I've been ill and its getting progressively worse. It started when I drank quite heavily one night (3 bottles of wine, I was a moderate drinker). I've been ill ever since. I haven't touched any alcohol since then, I'm very certain it isn't alcohol withdrawal symptoms as the symptoms are continuing to get worse at 4 weeks and wasn't really an massively heavy drinker. I used to have about 4 bottles of beer a day. I've quit since I've been ill.

Anyway, the symptoms started out as lightheadedness. It doesn't go away with sleep or rest, it is constantly there 24/7. At first of course I just thought it was a bad hangover. The lightheadedness did at one time feel like I had a few beers initially, but with my mental state of mind intact. The lightheadedness is still here now, but it isn't as much lightheadedness as it was. This isn't to say it has gotten easier for me as I have now realised it is more of a balance problem than lightheadedness and the balance problem has gotten worse.

I notice the balance issues when I'm walking, I always feel unsteady. I've noticed that my feet don't coordinate very well and sometimes my feet tilt over a bit whilst walking. I haven't fallen over yet. In the past week and a half roughly, I've had weakness in my knees. Ocasionally I feel like my knees are about to buckle and give way, this has become more of a frequent occurence. In the past week I have had muscle weakness in my arms. I struggle to hold my arms up in front of me and keep them there. I've checked my arm muscles, they feel they've shrunken a little bit but I'm not 100% certain as they may have just gotten longer. In the past few days I've noticed my grip doesn't seem as tight as it usually is either. My grip is only a slight difference. I've have back problems as well.

I've been very concerned about this for 4 weeks. Ocasionally I've had heart palpitations, which I know are down to stress. As for the other symptoms I've mentioned though, they have been constant for the past few days. One other symptom which I've had which had only started a few days ago is a feeling of cold water flowing inside my head. What's stranger is that it has only been my right forehead which has this sensation. I wouldn't call it a pain, but it is a very unpleasant feeling. I also have short term memory problems which are concerning me. My memory has gotten bad over the past 2 weeks. So all in all I have:

Loss of balance when walking
Mild back pain
Muscle weakness in arms
Slightly softer grip
Cold water sensation in head
Short term memory loss

I've been up the hospital several times and they've done blood tests and shined a light in my eyes. They haven't found anything. The first two doctors I saw (three weeks ago) said it was alcohol withdrawal. I'm certain it isn't that now. I saw a GP a week or two ago and she was certain it is stress related. I'm reluctant to take any further medication for stress (I've been on antidepressants for 6 years). In the past week or so I've begun walking in an effort to reduce my stress levels. This hasn't helped a bit. Whatever I've got is getting worse. I haven't had a head scan like a MRI or CT, so I can't rule out a brain tumour, or brain bleeding or any other brain related health problem. I'm not sure what to do, I know what I want to be done about it but I don't fit the criteria Sometimes I get the feeling I'm just waiting for it to get worse and there's nothing I can do about it.

Do you think it's just stress or something else?
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Get checked for a condition called May-Thurner Syndrome. I have it and it can cause all the problems that your having. It's rarely diagnosed but I can tell you from personal experience it's a good place start. Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions.
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