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Breast atrophy, sunken face, etc

So I’ll start by giving a brief medical history. I’m a 25 year old female. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with thrombocythemia with my platelets running consistently around the mid 700,000’s to low 800,000 and after pulling medical records Dr’s found they had been that high for at least 5 years. The last year they’ve been going down and now being the lowest they’ve been at 373,000. My latest CBC also my Asparate amino was at 63U/L and my Alanine aminotransferase was 110. Dr’s have done an ultrasound of my abdominal organs to make sure my spleen wasn’t enlarged with no abnormal findings. My spleen was actually on the smaller side of normal. Within the last 3 months my clothes have been falling off me but the numbers on the scale are staying the same. My face has become very shrunken to the point that people I haven’t seen in a while approach me and ask if I’m ok. I look very ill in the face. And I’ve went down 2 cups sizes in my chest. I’ve increased how much I eat every day with no changes. I feel more fatigued than normal. When I asked my dr about the abnormal liver enzymes she seemed very uninterested and didn’t address the symptoms I described above at all. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction or maybe give me an idea how what I’m dealing with? TIA!
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I wanted to add that I have also keep UTI’s constantly regardless of changes in diet and supplementation. And a thick white vaginal discharge. I’m not sure if these symptoms are relevant to the others but if anyone can help me I want them to have all the info they need.
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Methinks you need to see a different doctor and probably a specialist in something, but I don't know what.  Could be a lot of things.  If you're saying you show low liver enzymes, obviously that's not good but you might not be in a dangerous range.  Don't know.  But if you're saying you have a urinary tract infection all the time, that's not good.  Can't say what you have, again could be lots of things, but when you notice big changes like you're reporting and chronic infections that aren't being dealt with you do need a different doctor.  
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