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Breathing and digestive problems. Blood in mucus, and stool. Multiple misdiagnosis.

Hello, I've been having breathing problems since Feb 2016. My full body immune system crashed when my stress level spiked. I've developed a type of chronic cough which has lasted to this day.

I have not had a family doctor due to bureaucratic issues in the past 5 years, and my last medical check up was during my military entrance examination in 2007.

In February 2016, I developed a chronic cough, and I went to a local walk-in clinic and the doctor made a diagnosis within seconds to be bronchitis and prescribed me antibiotics. After 10 days treatments, the cough remained, the same doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia and put me on more antibiotics for 14 days.

In mid March, I was able to breathe well for a brief one week window, then the chronic cough came back. Additionally I've developed anal leakage, and blood in stool, and coughing up blood as well. In May a different doctor couldn't really make a diagnosis and prescribed me with some sort of nasal spray, insisted that I take anti-histamine to rule out allergies, and also prescribed me Symbicort, Budesonide/formoterol. After 10 days treatment, the breathing issues became agitated.

The last doctor suggested referral to a specialist, I'm not entirely sure of which one, something to do with throat and breathing. I have not yet heard anything about the referral and was told that I am likely going to see the specialist in late September.

Today, I was bleeding from both ends of my digestive tract, and decided against going to ER and waiting over 60 hours to see a doctor. I currently reside in Ottawa, ON. I will be attempting to see the doctor again in the morning.

Currently I find that anti-inflammatory helps both with pain in my throat, and coughing. In summary, my symptoms:
-Trouble breathing through the mouth, and talking.
-Sensation of burning in stomach, throat and colon.
-Other health problems due to inability to breathe properly, i.e. developing sleep disorder and etc.

Since no doctor near my residence even attempts to make proper diagnosis, I am left with through research online to self-diagnosis. I believe I have a type of gastritis, and likely H.pylori. I wish to be tested for, and treated for this. Is there any way to be treated for these in Ottawa, ON, Canada, without an MD making inaccurate "diagnosis"?
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Please visit the hospital. The sooner you get diagnosed the better
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