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Broken knuckle Can't bend finger all the way

Some guy tried stealing my girlfriends purse. I wasn't going to let that happen I got involved, got hit, then I reacted I have a boxing and wrestling background and I unloaded on him at some point while very successfully defending myself and getting the purse back I broke my hand over his head. I shattered my second metacarpal it was in about 6 pieces or had 6 fractures I didn't know it was broken until hours later when she made me go to the doctor because I found it difficult to use a screwdriver. my doctor let it heal for a month and a half or 2 months it didn't heal right he put me under gave my finger a good tug re-broke it and put a couple pins in I waited a month and a half got the cast off and pins out. I worked hard for a couple months doing some exercises I found online trying not to fail my classes and make money. I regained much of my mobility however my index finger (the finger with the knuckle I broke) won't bend down all the way its now been 6 months since the break. this has made hitting the bag and future self defense a bit more tricky when throwing a punch my index finger hits first and makes it bend causing extreme pain which would be impractical in a self defense scenario. I need to shift my punch causing my smaller weaker bones to make contact which I fear will ultimately cause another break in my right (dominant) hand.

Is there anything I can do to increase mobility in my index finger and hand? any exercises?

the hand can support weight just not as much as it could before, but it's coming back slowly. The knuckle is gone you cant see one the doctor says it'll never come back. It cost $5,000 to fix my hand ultimately it would've been much cheaper to let him take the purse, but the shame that would've accompanied that is worth $5,000 to avoid. unfortunately it's not worth much more than that. I cant keep going back to ask a couple questions only to get charged roughly $100 a question. If you have any exercises or advice I'd really appreciate it if you'd give me a HAND (pun intended).

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I appreciate the insight, and I would imagine that you're right. A shift in the way I do things may be in order, perhaps rehab isn't so much the issue. Maybe its just that I was injured and now the function is permanently changed. I'll stay out of the ring and shady parts of town.

Sorry to hear about your injuries.

Thanks Again!
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Hey Jonny, welcome to the forum.

Well your background in self-defense and boxing served you well
and even if you developed a problem with your index finger.
I'm certain you would do this all over again, if you encountered a similar situation.

Is there a message, perhaps, in this situation, trying to tell you something?
A shift in your life perhaps is necessary, not just the way you punch the bag, might be the bigger meaning.

Some excess scar tissue built-up and a bit of arthritis, that will do it.
If there's some nerve entrapment taking place,as you attempt to bend your index finger, this would explain the excessive pain.

If this is very important to you, take your time and save the 5K and get it done properly.

I had a couple injuries, one while skiing-broke my pinky- and another one
while sparring and hurt my back badly, so I had to quit martial arts.
I'm OK now, but I have to be careful HOW I do certain things, so extreme sports are definitely out,lol!

Best wishes.
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