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Brown Spotting and Severe Cramps before Period

I've been on birth control (tri-sprintec) for a couple of years now and I take it pretty regularly and when I have sex I always use a condom. Yesterday I had some really sharp pains in my abdomen and stomach right after I ate. I thought it was just gas or something that I ate. The cramps went away after a couple of hours, but then I started having brown spotting so I put a tampon in. I woke up this morning and my tampon was about halfway full of brown blood and so I put another one in, and I checked a few hours later and I am still bleeding brown blood. I am now crampy again. I am supposed to start my period in a about four or five days, however I am not on my placebo pills yet, so I am concerned. Am I miscarrying? I have had spotting between periods before, however they have never lasted this long, or have I had cramps with them, so I am really concerned...
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Hello billyjean115,

I'd like to ask you several questions in order to help figure out what the cause may be.

1. Is your brown spotting accompanied by itching, burning, or pain?(list any)

2. What does this discharge smell like?

3. Do you use(or come in contact with) a vast amount of perfumes, lubricants, condoms, etc.?

4. Any known allergies to products listed in question 3?

5. Do you have symptoms such as fever or chills, and abdominal or suprapubic pain?

6. Do you have symptoms such as excessive and/or large amounts of urine and excessive thirst?

7. Any previous use of antibiotics within the past year?

8. Do you have diabetes?

9. Have you had an HIV infection?

10. Do you have Crohn's Disease?

11. Any previous pelvic or rectal surgery?

12. Do you have multiple partners?

13. Is your brown discharge associated with any fecal matter?

14. Past medical history?(List as many previous conditions you had or currently do have as possible)

15. What medications do you take?(Include all)

16. Bleeding after intercourse?

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