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Burning and tearing knee pain.

About a month ago I slipped on a tiled floor, and came down on my right knee. At the time I felt this stretching pulling sensation, but not a lot of pain. Over the next few days I had some mild pain, but was surprised that it didn't hurt to walk. I had dropped something under my bed, and when I got down on my knees, I felt this sudden, tearing, and then burning pain. I straightened my knee immediately, rubbed it, and in a few minutes it felt better. It's been a couple of weeks since the fall, and anytime I put pressure on my knee when it is bent, I again feel tearing and burning. If I walk with my knee pretty straight, it isn't bad. But, getting into bed requires bending the other knee, and then pulling my straight leg in after I pivot myself with the left knee.. Any time I squat, bend down, or kneel, the burning tearing pain returns. The strange thing about this injury is that it didn't hurt nearly as much when I slipped and landed on the knee. I slipped near my bathroom sink cabinet. I went straight down, but in order not to smash my face and head against the door, I had to pull back after falling forward at first. I don't know if it was the falling forward and then going backwards, with my knee as the first thing to hit the floor. I imagine the forces on my knee went forward at first, and then back. I have no idea of what sort of injury would only cause pain when getting on my knee,or bending it with pressure on it. I can bend it without any pain if I put all my weight on the other knee. I do have arthritis, but these symptoms started after I slipped and fell. I have post viral autoimmune arthritis with very high RF and ANA. I have had this for the past 12 years. I also had anemia that was thought to be post viral as well, but that has improved, and my hemoglobin and hematocrit are normal now. Does anyone have any idea what sort of injury would cause such strange symptoms. I haven't studied orthopedics or anatomy for nearly 30 years, and don't remember enough to figure this one out myself.
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Stop trying to figure out what this may be.  Book an appointment to see your doctor to examine the knee and for referral for imaging to find the exact cause of damage if he/she feels this is necessary.  You will then be given the appropriate advice and treatment.

Regardless of what damage has been done, whether this is a muscle, tendon, bursa or bone problem, you need the correct advice with regard to how you should be moving the knee so that it does not stiffen up completely.  The other thing you need to do is rest and keep your leg elevated and your weight off it as much as possible.  You may also benefit from cold compresses, pain relief medication and/or an anti-inflammatory.     Not everyone can taken anti-inflammatory drugs and they can also cause stomach problems.  You can also buy anti-inflammatory gels to rub onto the knee.

My husband fell on top of his knee some years ago and caused soft tissue damage.  My son was forced down on his knees and this caused damage to the bone.  So it is important for you to get your knee seen to by your doctor.

You have caused damage and it sounds very much like a tendon problem, but you do need a professional evaluation.  Unfortunately, it can a very long time to heal and settle down.  
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